with the stroke and the death of a family member came many things. including loss of appetite and weight loss.

now my appetite has returned with a vengeance–well, not appetite really, but more like zombie eating. that sort of sick “i’ve got to fill a hole somewhere inside my emotions” kind of eating where i’m not even THERE when i eat. i eat when i’m full. i’m eating really old leftovers.

i’m not exercising.

tonight, i measured my waistline.

ugh. i’m 2 inches bigger around


Update 5/7/07:  okay.  i woke up this morning and measured myself again.  i’m 1 inch bigger around, not 2.  still not good, but not so devastating either.  i don’t want to relive the 2 inches bigger than before moment though.



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4 responses to “ugh.

  1. Ah, I am so familiar with that zombie eating. Are you not exercising because you’re not allowed to yet, or because you don’t feel like it? If it’s the latter – let’s go for a walk sometime soon.

  2. I think contributing to this malaise is the heat wave which just makes me feel…HUGE and SWEATY.

    I am not exercising because there are limits to what I can do–basically I can walk but even situps are in the iffy territory (though I snuck some in last night). I am so tempted to call “Doug” and say, “Help!” But yes, I need to go out and burn some calories.

  3. He will definitely help you, and design something that will work within your limits. (but not till next week – he’s on hiatus this week)

  4. Funny, I know what you mean about zombie eating. This has been a crazy week for weather in Kansas. I’ve put in some overtime covering the flood and tornado damage. And work keeps feeding us — so I’m writing, editing and eating, all on the go. And I don’t feel full. It’s like I’m consuming nutrients for basic energy needs….the satsifaction from enjoying a tasty meal and/or snack – lost.

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