it’s here it’s here!


Yessss! Along with a rejection letter came a package from Amazon–what could it be? I hadn’t ordered a book in recent days.

I eyed the package–could it be? Yes! It was Haruki Murakami’s new novel, After Dark!

Yay! It’s here, it’s here!

Sorry Floyd Skloot, I may ditch your memoir (or hurriedly finish it) so I can read Murakami’s novel.



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3 responses to “it’s here it’s here!

  1. oh hrmmm! I just realized I received my copy of After Dark a DAY before it is officially released! Now I *must* read a page…just to know I’m treading into territory few have ventured at this point!

  2. LK

    I have Kafka on the Shore, which will be my first foray into Murakami. I will eagerly await your comments on this one.

    Don’t worry about the rejection. At least you are writing! I always get the same thing from Junker: Onward! I take a sort of pride in being the published writer whose work Junker does not connect with. So, at least you got a nice note, too. As Howard would say: Onward!

  3. Yay for you, LK! I am such a huge Murakami fan–both Kafka on the Shore and Wind Up Bird Chronicle are his penultimate works to date. (With Norwegian Wood as one of his most popular, mainstream works). Let me know what you think!

    I do love Howard Junker. I got published by him once–so it’s a good thing in a weird way for me to know that that one time was truly special and not a “gimme.”

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