this little thought that might lead to other things


These days, I have been obsessed with the thought of travel. Maybe it was all the traveling earlier this year, to Miami, to England, to Las Vegas, and to Israel. All those places, in the span of two months!

I have caught the travel bug–as much as I love my home and as easily as I get exhausted these days, every few days I have an itch to fly somewhere and be an anonymous observer of life–other lives. I find incredible joy in googling exotic locales, and flipping through old travel guides, aging and gathering dust on my bookshelves. Sometimes, I even go as far as pricing flights to these locales, abandoning the process right before clicking “buy.”

Still, I dream and ponder.

Hawaii, maybe–I’ve never been. Or New York City–that trip is way long overdue. I’ll be heading to Europe this summer, and it can’t be soon enough! Or Korea and Japan–I have fantasies about spending months in those two countries, writing in a secluded apartment somewhere and spending lackadaisical days with my darling hubby.

When I think about travel, about alighting in another place, I feel relief.



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5 responses to “this little thought that might lead to other things

  1. Randa

    i love thinking about travel…and travelling! i am leaving to mexico, paris, cairo, and london on june 20. can’t wait. i’ve been fantasizing about this trip (and googling and pricing trips, as you do!) for years. it does bring a sense of relief, and a little excitement. i hope you get to travel soon!

  2. I love travel, but almost feel as if I’m doing too much of it. I want to stay home this summer and make sure my garden is properly tended, but I’ll miss most of it. Oh well– letting the garden go.

  3. I love travel too. I have some trips planned – ALONE, without children – this summer, and I am very excited.

    Let me know if you’re planning to be anywhere near Heidelberg, Germany. We could meet for coffee. I’d carry a yellow umbrella.

  4. Lee

    Do travel Jade as much as you can. I haven’t found a draw back yet. Makes coming home fun too 🙂

  5. Well–yay, for all your good thoughts! It looks like I’ll be taking a super short trip soon. For some reason, I have tons of anxiety about leaving (my dog is all healed, but I still worry about her)–but I think once I’m on that plane, I’ll be ok.

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