The New York Jinx strikes again


I was booked on a whirlwind flight to New York. One of my travel fantasy scenes was about to be fulfilled!

But nope.

My New York Travel Jinx struck again. For the NINTH consecutive time, a planned trip to New York City has had to be CANCELLED.

The reason this time: a surprise flood in our basement.

We came home from work to the usual barking dogs…accompanied by…the sound of water running in the house. “Honey,” asked my husband,”do you hear the water?” Yes I did. And I thought maybe the laundry was running? We decided to check the basement’s laundry room before asking the gardener if the sprinklers were running.


I smelt the damp air before I saw the muddy water in rivulets and multiple pools of water. We turned the corner and saw the water pouring from the other side of the basement, streaming past the woodshop and the washing machines, from the sub-basement.

Our basement was flooded!

And so I dialed the plumber, as my husband began to investigate, and as he turned off the water to the house.

Then began the process of throwing out the things ruined by water.

Books that I thought had disappeared, but had been sitting on the floor of the sub-basement…are now…disappearing again. I saw a big 3 ring binder, and opened it up–my health worker notebook from sophomore year in college! It contained my health tip postings, so thoughtfully composed, and now so neatly organized…now covered with mud and water, now slung into the garbage.

The last time we had a flood was in our previous house–and it was a lot more unpleasant, because the water filled from a sewage pipe “explosion” in the street that gushed right into our garage (and again, destroying so many of my documents).

Count my blessings: this time, it’s fresh water from a burst pipe. And I can always try going to New York again.

My question now–WHY is it that I can’t make it out to Manhattan?!



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6 responses to “The New York Jinx strikes again

  1. Lee

    I have no doubt you can make it to Manhattan on your next trip if you stay focused!

    Glad your basement flood was fresh water too!

  2. Oh man, that’s crazy, but maybe it was time to get rid of that old binder anyway. And who knows, there may be a reason why you aren’t making it to New York. Maybe, like on Lost, a mysterious Desmond is protecting you from something bad happening to you (Charlie) in New York.

  3. bustopher: exactly! I keep thinking fate is helping me to avoid something bad that awaits me in New York! (At least, that makes me feel better and makes this a more momentous thing that it probably is).

    Lee: yes, thank goodness it was fresh water from a waterpipe. not turd infested sewage.

  4. Turd infested sewage: we had that happen to us at our old house, when we’d just put in brand new hardwood flooring a few weeks earlier. It was completely ruined, warped, and we had to totally replace it. BUMMER. Yes, yay for fresh water!

    And yes, maybe some “Desmond”ish kind of force is keeping you from NYC for now.

  5. w

    I’m waiting for ya, baby. Waiting, waiting…

  6. mel

    wtf?? I can’t believe it!

    well, i’m also glad it was fresh water. but sorry you had to cancel your trip.

    re: getting to NYC, maybe 10th time’s the charm…?

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