down the rabbit hole

i am terribly unhappy.



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10 responses to “down the rabbit hole

  1. Lee

    Jade…what is causing all the happiness? Is it just a funk?

  2. aw jade. I’m sorry.


  3. Oh dear. What’s wrong?

  4. I just had to say it–because I know that admitting I’m not happy might just help me get back on the path again. It’s just been a miserable time with lots of unforeseen challenges that I have not have preparation to deal with.

    No, no one has died (in the last few weeks, anyway)…I have not had more health setbacks…no one has fallen ill (in the last few weeks, anyway)…but I’m still overwhelmed with all the aftereffects, which really really f******g sucks.

    Yes, there are ups, but right now, I’m just so sad and unhappy and blind to anything else. And I want to be in this place, and at the same time, want to be anywhere else (hence, my traveling obsession).

  5. And Stephanie–I hope everything gets better soon, and that you find strength.

  6. Lee

    Sounds like it is time for a picnic or hike along the ocean or in the mountains 🙂 Nature has a way of bringing one back to the basics – at least it has worked for me. I do wish I could take out my wand and wave it over you to lift those feelings of unhappiness that wash up every now and then like the tide. Hang in there Jade. These feelings usually subside in a few days (hopefully less).

  7. I’m sorry, Jade. I hope it ends very soon.

  8. mel

    That sucks. Ditto Nova, hope it ends soon.

  9. I agree that getting outside for a hike or swim may help. And the weather has been so beautiful this week. Hope you feel better soon.

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