Miss Snark, the notorious blogging literary agent known for her deliciously “snarky” persona and a kazillion pieces of advice…has RETIRED (from blogging, not from agenting).

A void has been created in the blogging universe–!

What is the universe’s reaction?

M.J. Rose of Buzz, Balls & Hype, sends Miss Snark off with kudos

Whereas A Gent’s Outlook, self-proclaimed Miss Snark nemesis, is happy to see her leave.

I personally found her site helpful and insightful…with a good dose of giggles.  I didn’t have to burrow too far beneath her persona to spot some genuinely good advice.  Besides, who really took her snarky persona 100% seriously?



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2 responses to “website=archive

  1. I hate to be snarky about it, but I do think that she came to the end of her usefulness. I think it is wise for her to stop. I am glad that she will be keeping her website up as a resource, because it IS very very useful, but I stopped reading it about six months ago because it just started getting ridiculous and redundant.

  2. Susan–well, I guess I ought to be honest, too–I stopped reading it a couple months ago, though I was always glad her site existed. So I second your point. 🙂

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