Hello Hot Desert


Yes. Just two days ago, I was in New York. Yesterday I was at home. Today, I am in Vegas!

Just as I hold my breath for a second when I see the sportscar she was driving when she died, I find myself pausing here on the Vegas Strip–particularly when we pass by the hotel where we heard the horrible news. I can’t help but be reminded of that terrible day.

But this ominous and sad feeling is countered by the very essence of Vegas: the loose and fast pace of lady luck. Luck is what drives people here–the great hope of hitting it big…or the opportunity to let out some steam, have a spike of fun, while putting it all on the line.

People hate or love Vegas–I happen to be in the latter category. I love the utter optimism of the idea of Vegas. And that is not a bad thing to be around these days.

So here I am–in the hot hot heat of the desert where I believe I can fry an egg on the sidewalk, walking amidst the lights that never ever turn off.

Someday, I’ll be still. For now, I prefer to be in transit.


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One response to “Hello Hot Desert

  1. I love Vegas. The yummy buffets, concerts and shows, cheesy souvenir shops, expensive designer stores–there’s something for everyone! Hope you’re having lots of fun!

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