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The weirdest thing is happening to my eyesight–I’m becoming nearsighted on fast forward.

Two days ago, my RIGHT eye saw things in a blurry sheen. Was it my contact lens? I thought so–and yet, I was on a trip where I was fully distracted and unable to investigate this weird turn in my sight. I figured the cigarette smoke in the casinos, or an aging contact lens, was to blame.

And quite honestly, my eyesight without contact lenses or eyeglasses is SO BAD that I couldn’t tell if my eyes were getting worse.  Ah well, I thought, it’ll clear up.

But then, magically, my eyesight cleared up. I could see sharply again through my contact lens, and things were back to normal. It must have been the contact lens, I thought.

Until today.

Today, I woke up with blurriness in my LEFT eye. Huh? Once again, I figured it was my contact lens. I was dizzy driving into work, but I figured it would pass. Was it something on my contact lens? I held my hand up in front of me. I covered my right eye and compared sight, I tried to read signs that were at a distance, and then read signs close by. My left eye was MUCH worse than my right eye had ever been during the weekend.

It seemed my eyesight had worsened–it was not my contact lens.

I left work a bit early, I was going nuts with my sight problems, about to develop a headache from only being able to see out of one eye all day. At home, I took out my contact lens and put a new one in. No change.

I took out my contact lenses entirely and put on my glasses. No change.

My left eye had suddenly worsened. In a matter of a day or two, I’d lost the ability to see quite a bit.  My left eye couldn’t make out freeway signs–dammit.

Is this connected at all to the stroke I had a few months ago? Or to the blood thinner medication I’m currently on? Why am I losing my eyesight? (and consider that my right eye went through a weird blip too).

Tomorrow, I am calling my eye doctor first thing. In the interim, I’m conjecturing.



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  1. I’d talk to the doc, definitely, but it might not be connected to the stroke. I get that sometimes. Do you work on computers a lot? Are you taking proper breaks for your eyes? What about having eyeglass/contact lens prescriptions checked for changes? It might be fatigue, or a hot of other non-stroke-related things. Or it might be related. One more: stress can definitely affect one’s eyesight.

  2. You might be experiencing minor haemorrhaging in your eyes, due to the blood thinners you are on? Definitely go to an opthalmologist and get this checked out, The first time i experienced this was while undergoing treatment for leukemia in the hospital. My platelet count was extremely low, and i had a bleed in my left eye which resulted in this very strange vision loss. It did clear up eventually as my blood counts improved and my body absorbed the residue of the bleed – it took some time.
    I hope this clears up for you soon!

  3. Gord: The vision loss was so extreme yesterday, that I ruled out exhaustion–I had never experienced anything like it before.

    Suburbanlife: You are making me feel better–it may very well be minor hemorrhaging (it certainly fits the description of really bad eye sight and then clearing up–and now my LEFT eye got RRREALLY bad and now it is starting to clear up, even more dramatic when you wake up suddenly able to see better–plus my physician father-in-law mentioned that the coumadin might be causing some hemorrhaging, too).

    I was sad to read that you learned this fact through a battle with leukemia (what an awful way to learn new things). I hope you are better now…?

    …I’ve called both my optometrist/opthalmologist and my neurologist and left them messages, asking for a quick phone call back.

    My hubby is like, “I don’t know how this is not an emergency room situation,” but my physician father-in-law, who is now living with us doesn’t seem to be all that freaked out so we’re staying calm, too.

  4. went to the optometrist. he is concerned, though eh did rule out bleeding in my brain.

    called my GP–the doctor still hasn’t called me back.

    called my neurologist–he was paged and he calle me right back. he thinks i’ve thrown another clot in my brain and i’m to heaad to the ER quickly.

    sorry for typos, i am typing this half-blind.

    will keep you up to date!

  5. I have heard that certain medications can make your eyesight blurry. I had my vision blur a few times several years ago (and no, not from fatigue) – I would look at a sign in a restaurant and just not be able to read a thing. Then it would go away. Eventually I got glasses, but never figured out what made my eyesight temporarily blurry. I hope yours goes away, too.

  6. Yah–what is puzxzling everyone is that it is happening, one eye at a time as opposed to both.

    Now I am typing, bored, from the ER on my crackberry.

  7. I hope your wait in the ER is not long, and that the mystery is solved and can be resolved with non-intrusive meds. While you are waiting there, can your husband drop you a small tape-recorder so you can eavesdrop and tape some of the strange conversations that go on there? Might be eventually useful in your writing?

  8. Suburbanlife: ha! I love the converswations in the er–for instancer my “roommate” here is epileptic and I hear through the curtain talk about why she has 2 black eyes (she hit the dresser on the way down).

    I just had my MRI and am awaiting results–but they r keeping me overnight for observation.

  9. jade! you are in the hospital again. I can’t believe it. Ack! Next time you are tempted to blog about weird symptoms you are having (especially symptoms related to anything on your HEAD) go to the doctor first!!

    Note: live-in doctors are the WORST for being blase about emergencies.

  10. I hope the results come back with a firm diagnosis so the healing can begin…and it’s a good thing you chose not to ignore the signs!

  11. Lee

    Jade…no update? I am assuming everything is fine but wonder what the MRI revealed, if anything. I think your neurologist was right to admit you and get the test done. Your eyesight can be one of the first symptoms of an impending stroke…maybe more like a TIA. I am just guessing your medicaion has been readjusted. Hope to hear more from you about this.

  12. I am still in the hospital, with my blackberry keeping me connected to the outside world. No doctor yet, though prelim reports say the mri was negative. They suspect a tia at this point.

    Thanks for all the comments–u r keeping me company here as I sit alone in my room!

  13. lucy

    Ai Jade!
    I’m hoping feverishly that it isn’t anything too difficult to fix; has your eyesight improved? Please get better.

  14. Jade.. where are you? What’s going on now?

  15. I’m finally home. Whew! I’ll post an update soon.

  16. In case anyone is still reading this comment thread, the update is here–Lee wins the guessing game! I had a TIA (a “mini-stroke”).

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