weirdness explained

We’re home–landed at Oakland airport but on a peculiarly different runway. “Aren’t we landing on FedEx’s runway?” I asked my husband, nudging him to look out the window.

Indeed, we were landing on a runway I have never seen used by passenger airlines, the airplane hangars right by us, the main road to the airport below us. What was going on? We taxi’d forever to our gate in an unusual approach–we landed on the airstrip, and then took a U-turn and headed back in the opposite direction.


“Maybe there’s some maintenance work on the main runway,” the hubby thought aloud. Maybe. I’ve landed at Oakland a kazillion times and I knew this was terribly odd.

Then I got home and hit the local newsite, just to catch up. Aha: the main runway was closed because of an emergency landing earlier in the day.  The plane (its landing gear broken) is still sitting there, waiting to be towed off the runway in the morning.


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