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I really, really, really, really HATE Lovenox shots, which help thin my blood, a precaution against further clots and stroke. After this week’s omninous TIA and my hospital stay, the doctors are taking no more chances with me. I have to take these awful painful shots.

I shriek like a terrified piglet while my hubby preps my skin with rubbing alcohol, the frightening feeling of his rubber gloves on my skin, and the very presence of that needle sending me into shrieks and sobs. “Tell me when you’re ready,” he says, knowing that it will take several minutes minimum for me to gain composure.

He will move the needle closer to my skin, for injection, and I will scream again and start crying. (Did I tell you how much I HATE needles? And the awful burning that is particular to Lovenox shots?) He’ll pull back, his right hand waving the needle in the air, and his left hand pinching that piece of skin and fat on my stomach. “Tell me when you’re ready,” he says again.

Repeat. Repeat.

I get frantic, knowing that I HAVE to take this shot, filled with paralyzing, all-consuming fear. But I know I have to take the shot. Finally, I give up. “Just do it.” At which point, he has a few seconds to inject me and move quickly away. I feel the needle, and the burn of the drug entering my skin in the subcutaneous injection.

I HATE Lovenox shots. Hate them. This is my routine these days–a shot in the morning, a shot at night. They burrrrn. Dark purple bruises appear in the wake of lovenox shots.

I can’t wait until it’s over. Last time, I cried when I was told I didn’t have to take Lovenox shots anymore, so relieved was I to say goodbye to the needle.

lovenox bruises



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12 responses to “a little detail

  1. Sounds awful. I hope you don’t have to take them for long.

  2. Hopefully, not much longer.

  3. Sally: thanks. 🙂 I am off the lovenox, so happy!

  4. I haven’t dropped by in a while – I hope all is well. Looks like you’re off those shots, and out of the hospital. Take care, Jade.

    And thank you for sharing the letter to MFAs…

  5. Kash

    hey i’m on Lovenox as well once in the morning once at night. I was scared of needles before Lovenox i’ve been on it for a lil under a month. Do u use the pre-filled needles? for some reason those burn like crazy on me too I sumhow bare it. I only took them twice though, I now fill up my own syringes and these don’t burn at all, i’ll still be on Lovenox for another 3-6 months though. I used to bruise up alot, but naturally it will bruise since it is a blood thinner. Here are some tips. Give your shots yourself if you can, I started Lovenox in the hospital and watched my nurses give them to me, and after 4 or 5 days i began to give them myself. Quick is the was to go just get it in their push down on the plunger. Hold the needle at a 45 degree angle. The tip of needle is sort of shaved off, keep the tip part on the bottom and quickly stick yourself. Well hope this helps…

  6. Kash: you are so helpful! I am thankfully OFF the Lovenox (been for a few months now–and yes, I used the pre-filled needles that BURRRRNED)…but your tip will probably help other people going through the process who visit here.

  7. maritza

    Please, please get this book: Uropathy by Martin J. Lara. Uropathy (Urine Therapy) has been used for thousands of years and is said to be very effective for stroke and healing the skin on your feet. I know it will seem gross (I couldn’t beleive it at first) but I’ve recently done quite a bit of reading on this and have had a pretty startling experience using what Lara calls the “universal remedy” with some serious health issues of my own. There have been three world conferences on this therapy and a fourth one is planned for next year in Mexico. There are numerous physicians from around the world attending these conferences and offering testimonials about the amazing healing experiences they’ve witnessed with Urine Therapy. At least read up on it. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. By the way, congratulations on getting your MFA, I too am working towards completing an MFA in Writing. My concentration is screenwriting and I, too am doing it while dealing with health issues. Keep moving towards your goals, Jade!

    • EL in the ATL

      Maritz, I’m desperately searching high and low for Mr. Lara’s books. Can’t get in touch with Mr. Lara with the info on his website. If you know him or can contact him, can you please let me know how I can get his books?


    I have been put on lovenox prefilled shots for 6 days and my belly from side to side looks like a big battle field. severe bruising, and not small ones, these are big huge bruises. and yes they burrrrnnn like crazy and the needles are hard to inject into the skin. I was also put on coumadin at the same time. I hate this stuff also. I am used to diabetic needles and have no problem with those needles, but this stuff in evil.

  9. my 13 yrs old son has the same ,cumadin 20mg plus lovenox,inr @1.4.inr self injecting him n use icecubes to numb area which helps

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