fleeting thought

Oh, what girl doesn’t have these thoughts.  But I am thinking and feeling, “Oh gawd.  I am fat.  I have gained SO much fat.”  And yet, I cannot exercise and burn off calories, per doctor’s orders.




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4 responses to “fleeting thought

  1. Lamberakis

    I guess it’s natural to feel anxious about a changing body. But fat’s not so bad. Don’t stress.

  2. Jade – go out in your growing garden and bury this worry in the soil surrounding your green things. Watch their forms burgeon and grow, and admit that change in form is a natural phenomenon – besides which fat on the body waxes and wanes with time and activity. Move with intention, deliberation, slowly and luxuriously, stretch, bend extend all your limbs, exercise need not be vigorous to be good for you.

  3. Anon

    hm. it’s taken me three years to figure out weight loss. it’s a process for sure, but it needn’t be stressful. sometimes you’re good for a few months. losing noticeable amounts. then you’re bad for a few months, gaining some back. then rinse and repeat. it’s always very much been a ‘two steps forward, one step back’ process. my easiest way to date:

    1. find the healthy foods you love. eat a lot of the same things over and over.

    2. use smaller plates

    3. drink a lot of water – don’t drink calories.

    4. don’t drink diet anything. diet contains aspartame which is linked to hindering weight-loss (on top of being a toxin)

    5. if you’ve been really good for a day.. treat yourself to a small ‘unhealthy’ snack. it’s good for the resolve and stops you from much more major setback.

    6. i try exercise three times a week (nothing heavy.. just getting out and walking/running. exercise bike or the like. anything that might make you sweat a bit)

    7. avoid white bread. it slows digestion to a crawl. if you must eat wheat products try to stick with real whole grain. anything bleached is bad – the body doesn’t know how to process it as the enzymes that aide in digestion have been stripped.

    8. coffee in the morning is great at kicking the metabolism into gear – remember to eat when you’re hungry. if you remove breads you’ll feel hungry all the time in the beginning.. it’s natural.. metabolism is a good thing.

    9. i eat like shite on sundays

    10. weightloss should be a slow process. a pound a week is a good goal. it seems like torture, but remember there’s 52 weeks in a year 🙂

    those are my little tools.. i don’t know if any of this is useful to you or not, but they work really well for me. one month of cutting way down bread/wheat and soda and you’ll be well above a pound a week. promise.

  4. Thanks for your guidance, even going so far as to provide tips!

    Well, it is only a matter of a couple months before I can exercise again…and in the interim, I will watch what I eat…and yes, try to get out in my garden and be “in” my body. 🙂

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