Which Peanuts character are you?

Discovered via Literate Kitten:

HA! I’m Lucy. (I did go back and change one answer I was “iffy” on, and then I was Schroeder, but I’ll put Lucy up for now)….

Which Peanuts Character are You?

You are Lucy!
Take this quiz!



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9 responses to “Which Peanuts character are you?

  1. I’m Rerun. I always liked him. I don’t think I’d fit on the back of my mom’s bike anymore, though.

  2. I’m Schroeder, and strangely enough it fits. Egad!

  3. LK

    I like the fact that you can’t stand stupidity. So now I can’t admit that I can’t remember who Rerun is…

  4. I’m Marcie, although I felt like I could have answered each question several different ways.

  5. I don’t have to take the quiz. I’ve always been Lucy, since the days when my kid brother actually carried a blanket, just like Linus. I was Lucy then. I am still Lucy. I try NOT to tell everybody what to do, but some karma just doesn’t dissolve in a lifetime. Maybe next spin of the wheel I’ll get to be Schroeder or Peppermint Patty.

  6. I’m Rerun too! Who the heck is Rerun? I re-did it and changed a few answers, and this time I was Sally.

  7. connie

    I’m Woodstock!

  8. OMG, I’m a total Peanuts fan, since way back in the day. I’m taking this quiz NOW!

  9. loser

    good going, sir!!

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