They must have a place


As you may know, I am rooting for turkeys these days. Somehow, in all the six years I have lived in this particular neighborhood, I have never spotted a wild turkey. Yes, I have seen deer and skunks and possums and squirrels and vultures and eagles and of course frogs on a regular basis…but no turkeys.

So I was so overwhelmed with delight and curiosity when I spotted turkeys last month. In fact, it was a momma turkey and her turkey-lings. Yay! Go nature! It was as if they had come out of nowhere (even though I believe there are turkeys elsewhere, perhaps in the nearby regional park).  Boing!  Turkeys.

Then the public works groups cleaned out the underbrush (they’re still doing it)–where I’d spotted the turkeys. Where did the turkeys go? Did they have a safe place? How are the little ones doing? I wondered. I hoped.

And then today, while driving up the street, I saw them. The turkey brood, proudly ambling down the street towards my car, as if on a Sunday stroll. The turkey family was very very well, all of the turkey-lings intact and healthy, and Mama Turkey perfectly proud and calm.

I shuffled around in my purse to take a few shots, as they continued walking, nonchalantly, down the street.

They had a safe place. They are well. And that makes me tremendously happy and hopeful.



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8 responses to “They must have a place

  1. D. Peace

    If I may ask, where do you live? I live in PA, and we see wild turkeys all the time. My grandparents get turkeys flying around their yard (if you can call what they do flying) all the time.

  2. I live in the SF Bay Area–there just aren’t that many wild turkeys walking around (not historically, anyway). We do however, get deer.

    I think it’s just so awesome to think about all the turkeys flying around! Do they ever become a nuisance?

  3. D. Peace

    Well, it’s not like Hitchcock’s “The Birds” or anything, but there are sometimes a few of them around. No, they’re not a nuisance… my grandparents live in the country, and there is plenty of room for wildlife.

    Also, a turkey’s idea of flying isn’t the same as it is with other birds. A turkey just kinds of floats for a bit and then comes back down. They can’t soar through the clouds because they weigh too much.

    They’re cool birds. Franklin wanted to make the turkey the national symbol before they decided on the bald eagle. Weird.

    Hey, thanks for visiting my blog! You’re cool. I appreciate the comment.

  4. Mmm … you’re making me hungry! Just kidding! I’m glad you found your turkeys again.

  5. Bustopher: well, my mom did say she craved sparrows on the street while pregnant with me (was she joking? I’m not so sure). I guess it’s totally valid to crave wild turkeys! 🙂

  6. I grazed a turkey a few weeks ago on the way to work. It was a foggy morning and it came running out of the ditch then went airborne just as I passed by. It almost went over the top of the car but grazed the passenger side of the windshield. When I looked in the rear view mirror, all I saw was feathers but no turkey. Hopefully it got away unscathed except for a few missing feathers.

  7. Leroy–I hope the turkey is okay, too!

  8. I’m from Malaysia but I must admit…i’ve never seen a turkey before (except those in Tesco…).

    The last few years hav seen the property booming time….lands have been cleared….trees have been cut down…and wild animals are left homeless. 😦

    Sad huh… no wonder I’ve never seen a turkey in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s capital) before.

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