Oh. This fire south of South Lake Tahoe is not so good at all.

Update: Containment of the fire has begun, but it is still alarmingly close to many homes. I’m reading the news with great helplessness, knowing I can’t do anything from hundreds of miles away, and worried for my neighbors there. Where is the fire? What direction is it moving in? It is within 2 miles of our house up there, if it’s close to the high school:

Earlier today, the fire came within several yards of the football field at South Tahoe High School. Fire lines were still smoldering near the football field about 2 p.m., when a helicopter flew by overhead.

Bleah. Let’s hope for a freak rainshower.

In the interim, I keep calling and feel relief when the answering machine picks up.



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  1. oh dear. how close is it to your house?

  2. I ran the video of the Tahoe fire for my morning show today. Amazing, sad and scary.

    My heart got stuck in my throat as I read your last few entries on the surgery, before and after. I’m happy to see you made it out. I hope you get plenty of healing time and people.

  3. It is a pretty amazing fire, isn’t it? I am worried for my neighbors who are fulltime residents up there…it looks like the fire is moving northwest (our place is northeast of where the fire is) towards Fallen Leaf Lake and South Lake Tahoe and dying down…so our house is probably no longer in great danger…still, it’s really sad for all those who did lose their homes.
    And queenkv: thank you for your good wishes. I’m feeling MUCH better.

  4. Richard Lee

    I sent an email to you, but it is delayed/bouncing right now. I was just checking to see that your Tahoe house is okay. Good to hear the fire seems to have moved elsewhere.

  5. ugh:
    Earlier today, the fire came within several yards of the football field at South Tahoe High School. Fire lines were still smoldering near the football field about 2 p.m., when a helicopter flew by overhead.

    that’s about 2 miles away from our house

  6. Jade – my sympathies. You are having an annus horribilus (see Queen Elizabeth, who had a fire at her home the same year of those terrible divorces and I don’t know what else). I, too have had a string of crises not of my own making. It just sucks. Sounds like the fire is missing your property so let’s keep fingers crossed.

    Take care!

  7. Sounds like it will miss your house. Phew!

  8. leonessa: OMG, I thought at first you had written, “anus horribilus”–harhar! I thought, “A horrible anus? Huh?” And then of course I looked more closely and realized, “Ah–anNus horribilus–horrible year.”

    The weirdest thing is that I do not think of this year as all that horrible. I have certainly had worse years, targeting the parts of my life that I hold way more dear. I would be way more freaked out if one of my loved ones got sick, as opposed to myself. I know I’ll be ok, it’s just an annoying road back. And the house located in burning Tahoe is not the one we live in day to day. I’m more concerned for my neighbors who live up there fulltime.

    And of course, we’re all so very lucky in that I am alive and healing and the house has not burnt. So not bad at all–just some lessons I think, that I have had to learn. And those are good things.

    Bustopher: Yes, it looks like it will miss our home. Big Phew!

  9. I see the fire has taken a turn for the worse. Is your house still okay?

  10. It’s still okay–still 2 miles from the fire, and so far the fire is not headed towards us but anything can happen. We’re hoping the fire doesn’t turn, and more importantly, that it is put out.

  11. Yes, annus, anus, it is confusing isn’t it? Annus like Anno Domino, like annual. Year.

    Well I’m glad you are looking at it this way. Your positive attitude is part of your healing, I am sure of it.

    Since I’ve lived through a half-decade of turbulent events piling on, I have become sensitive to how fate can just slam a person with a series of crises – not of their own making, either. S*** happens.

    We do indeed pick ourselves up and go on; and yes it could always be much worse. In fact, the events tend to wake us up and help us be alive to what is working, what is here, what is good.

    I am glad that you are doing so well, Jade. Keep up the hard work and the sunny outlook.

  12. Hi Leonessa Thank you for your good wishes. I guess whenever bad stuff happens, I just tell myself, “It’s something to write about!” Because a story isn’t a story without some sort of conflict…and even though I write fiction, the feeling and emotions evolving around such conflict have got to come from my own experiences. 🙂

    I hope your year/decade takes a turn for the better soon. A decade is a long time to suffer!

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