ugh. I’m officially an “old person.” My bodily aches and complaints are piling up. This hurts, that hurts, that aches, this doesn’t work. Bleah.

The cause of my strokes has been eradicated.

And now? Now I am home with food poisoning and a sudden acute return of my TMJ (I can’t chew, and can’t bite down hard because of an incredible pain in my jaw joint–it hurts to yawn). Between the two, I’m doing the one thing I haven’t been able to do for a couple months: lose weight.

OMG. I am boring myself.

But why don’t you settle down for a cup of tea–and then we can share. And then we can be TWO “old people” sharing their aches and pains.

I remember as a child, listening to my parents sit down with their friends and finding it remarkable that such a large portion of their chatter focused on their bodily aches and pains. Why are you always talking about what hurts and aches, I used to ask my mother. She would giggle in response.

I don’t have a daughter to call my on my bullshit. So you can come on over and talk endlessly about your aches and pain right here. πŸ˜›

I am such a whiner.



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7 responses to “whining

  1. Hang in there… cup of tea and an ear on the way!

  2. Patrick–you are so kind. πŸ™‚ I feel like such a brat–I spent the last few months dwelling on my physical shortcomings, I am so sick of myself!

  3. Tea

    Hey, sometimes that’s where you are, can’t fight it.
    And anyway, food poisoning gives full rights to whine.

    Hang in there, I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I remember having that exact same thought when I was younger–why are they talking so much about their boring sicknesses, etc. But when my sister and I were taking care of my mother I realized that it was part of the drama of their lives–my mother wasn’t swinging on vines anymore (which she used to do in her vigorous middle age), she wasn’t having a satisfying set-to with the woman at the bakery, etc.–but there was the drama of how she made it out to the patio with her walker, of how she decided she could do with one pain pill instead of two.
    So now I always listen with interest to people’s health stories.
    And of course I have a few of my own by this time.

  5. When was your surgery? Anesthesia meds can make you feel terrible for weeks afterward.

    I noticed aches and pains after childbirth and then again after I turned 42 or so. The remedy? Yoga, fish oil, the occasional aspirin. Hormonal shifts may cause aches and pains in someone as YOUNG as you are.

    Darling, it’s okay to complain.

    Last night I was at dinner and my friend’s L.A. mother started a conversation about cosmetic plastic surgery. Since I’ve had reconstructive surgery after cancer, I have an opinion. There I was, discussing possible “work” to do and laughing at self inside – Miss No-Make-Up-and-No-Hair-Dye discussing plastic surgery with a Beverly Hills housewife. !!! But I’m as vain as anybody and don’t like what time is doing to my lower jaw.

  6. All this bleah physicality–It will all pass. πŸ™‚
    But yes, I have passed into the ranks of “my body aches and pains” as a major conversation topic. At least we can talk about them together! Harhar.

  7. and it turns out that the TMJ and joint pain was because of my lipitor. i stopped it and it went aawy.

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