fogfree July 4th

For the first time in years, we’ve had a fog-free July 4th. I spent the day sleeping, eating bbq ribs, and floating in the pool. Every year, we’ve prayed for a fog-free July 4th, watching the illegal fireworks in Oakland, and spotting the glow of fireworks at Jack London Square and Berkeley Marina and San Francisco piers.

Of course, this year (yes, the year we would actually be able to SEE the fireworks shows clearly)…we’re spending it downstairs watching Mythbusters, the dogs nestled with us on the couch. We can hear the fireworks now–a cluster of booming that spells out “finale.”

Happy 4th of July. 🙂


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  1. Ha! We stayed in this year too… watched Scrubs reruns and read, amid all the noise. Without the fog, it seemed louder, somehow.

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