it’s raining!


It’s raining! I snapped a picture with my camera–zig zag light streaming through raindrops on the windshield of the car.

There is something I love about summer rain, even in Berkeley, where the rain in summer feels more like autumn or winter rain because of the chilly temperatures. I still like it–because it’s unexpected, and the smell of the rain has that sharp edge. It makes my nose crinkle.

Summer rain reminds me of my summers abroad in Korea in high school and college–the welcome monsoon rain breaking a wet and heavy heat. I remember once the rain broke out of the skies and flooded the streets so quickly that I found myself wading through the streets, ankle deep in water. I ruined my shoes but I didn’t care, the feeling was so novel.

I spent the entire day writing today. I wrote very slow, but what I wrote, I am pleased with. I thought I would be able to finish this story today, but I wasn’t able to push through to the end. And my brain just does not work properly anymore. I am totally exhausted–surprisingly so. Still, despite this exhaustion (a lasting stroke symptom is my guess), I want to do it again tomorow. But nope. I gotta go to work, which is its own little pleasure in my life.



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10 responses to “it’s raining!

  1. Even I totally adore the rain!
    And that is a nice picture, btw!

  2. Reminds of an old Eddie Rabbit song…Love a rainy night…..and I do! Great pic Jade!

  3. I thought they were fireworks!

  4. Weird! This morning I was thinking about writing a post about how much I missed the rain…Maybe it rained last night in SF and I heard it but didn’t recognize it? I have been dreaming of rain for days.

  5. Congrats on getting a lot of writing done!

  6. I’m glad you liked the picture! It’s just what happens when you take a picture at night, with the shutter open so you don’t have to use the flash–I invariably move (and/or the car hits a bump) and well, then you have fireworks and not so much raindrops. 🙂

    And I don’t think it rained in SF! I asked several people at work if they saw the rain, and none of the people living in San Francisco said they saw rain. So Elizabeth, you probably accurately did not detect rain in your parts.

    I am hoping to get more writing done today–going to lunch and then hopefully, settling in to the story again.

  7. The rain is nice…but some folks in Kansas need a break from the flooding.
    My viewers freak out when we get thunderstorm and heavy rain warnings from the National Weather Service.
    It’s been a soggy start to summer in the Bible Belt.

  8. Yes–the Bible Belt has had an incredible amount of rain, hasn’t it? It is sad that one thing that can bring me so much pleasure is such a source of great tragedy elsewhere.

  9. Tea

    Oooh, rain in the midst of a hot Asian summer is such an experience. Even now, miles away and years later, whenever I smell water on hot pavement it puts me instantly in Kyoto when I was a kid and the skies would suddenly open.

    Thanks for the memory!

  10. Congratulations on such a great writing day! It sounds breathless and exhilarating. (The rainstorm, too.)

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