i fell prey

Make your own Windorph

I kept spotting all the billboards touting “windorphins.” I resisted. I hate advertisements that tell me NOTHING about their product but insist that I go to a website to learn.

Well. Today there was bad traffic on the bridge. So I looked up windorphins.com. It was some weird ebay marketing thing. But still, I made a windorphin face.

I’m a suckah!!!!



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3 responses to “i fell prey

  1. I’ve totally been wondering what those are too…the only reason I haven’t looked it up is because I’ve been so busy and it keeps slipping my mind. So you’re not alone.

  2. It is the most retarded marketing campaign, is what it is! But of course, I still made that stupid windorphin face.

  3. goldie

    lol. i founs ur website while trying to look them up. i saw billboards all over LA and now im back home (sydney) with alot of free time i was trying to find it. so i wont bother..

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