attention elsewhere

I know that my posts are short these days, not so revealing–like I wrote, I’ve just been heads down. And I’ve been busy–doing the work and doing the writing.

Secretly–I must say that I am pleased that I am blogging less. Sadly, to your detriment, that means I have my priorities right at last, and that my capabilities now live up to my priorities! My fiction and my work are forefront, and I am happy with that.

I’m thinking about my last MFA semester ahead, and writing as much as I can before school starts. I haven’t written under pressure yet since my stroke, and I want to leave myself with options and with pieces written well ahead of time for my workshops. In short, I’m doing as much work for the semester ahead of time so I don’t freak out later. I’m thinking about which short stories to consider for my thesis, and thinking about the short stories in progress to finish by Fall semester to include for consideration. I’m also thinking about my creative nonfiction workshop, and the writing I need to start there.

But yes, I have guilt about not throwing out something gorgeous here.



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5 responses to “attention elsewhere

  1. I am glad you have your priorities more balanced and I wouldn’t feel guilty about not throwing out anything “gorgeous” here. Just knowing where you are at is reward for us online…and that you are “okay”! We await your novel πŸ™‚

  2. w

    Hey, gorgeous— Here’s to setting priorities, getting things in order, and writing productively!

  3. Of course, since this post, I have done a meme/quiz and a windorphin face–meaningful blog posts indeed! πŸ™‚

  4. mel

    putting in time for your writing is beautiful!

  5. I’m really glad to hear you’re writing. That’s a huge thrill.

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