quick wave

Still trying to write–the key word being “trying,” because I’m not getting all that much done. I’m tired. Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve had trouble sleeping. Then I had trouble sleeping coupled with nausea. Now I can sleep, but only have the nausea. Regardless, these aren’t conditions that are optimal for writing.

The gopher mole is still around. I unleashed the dog in the veggie garden, and she had a great bit of fun digging for all the tunnels. It was a big pleasure to watch the dachshund hone in on her instincts, feel totally in her element.

I’m looking around, feeling pleasure, being quiet, finding inspiration when I can.

And so I say hello.

Back to staring at the page.



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7 responses to “quick wave

  1. I’ve had trouble sleeping, too, which is HIGHLY unusual for me (I think it’s because my girls are both gone and that doesn’t feel quite right). Nausea sure doesn’t sound fun; I hope it goes away soon. But pleasure, quiet and inspiration sound good. Enjoy those parts.

  2. Me too! I can ALWAYS sleep, and rarely suffer insomnia, so this is just so…weird and new and disturbing. I hope your sleep pattern improves–sleeping is sooooo funnnn. 🙂

  3. I, for one, have had no trouble sleeping. Teaching the summer term (coupled with moving) have worn me out.

    But that’s not conducive to writing, either.

    Here’s something: staring at the page is at least the first step toward filling it.

  4. Sounds like we three have all had trouble sleeping lately. I’ll start looking for you in the IM at 4 a.m. Hope the nausea goes away. No fun.

  5. P.S. Ginger tea is supposed to be good for nausea, that and raspberry tea.

  6. Ceiling fan softly blowing the air in the room helps me sleep as does any constant “white” noise….sleep deprivation stifles creativity in me although I do find I can be pretty productive under a tight deadline when writing grants, but that isn’t like writing a novel. Hope your nausea subsides soon.

  7. Someone drop ship us all some chamomile!

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