Harry Potter’s here!

All is set aside to read the latest Harry Potter book. I finished my last book, Etgar Keret’s fantastic collection of short stories, The Nimrod Flip Out, in a hurry a couple nights ago so that the reading schedule would be clear of obstacles.

I went on an outing with friends this morning, berry picking along the California coast. When I came back and checked the mailbox–there it was. A white box addressed to Muggles, “Do Not Deliver or Open Before July 21!”



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3 responses to “Harry Potter’s here!

  1. w

    Hee, I was surrounded by Potter readers today. I had the urge to read over their shoulders, but they were turning the pages too quickly! Enjoy, lady!!

  2. Violeta

    I’m reading it too. In a hurry because I’m afraid of bumping into any spoilers! 🙂

  3. I keep reading it, and then walking away from it, then returning to the book. (So far, this weekend, I have gone berry picking, then baked a galette with those berries, then cooked lunch, and other little such activities–I am only on page 70, a day and a half later).

    I am such a schizo reader!

    I laud the fervent readers!

    And W: I can only surmise what it might feel like, to be a spectator of this maddening frenzy.

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