jotting down

Oh I promised myself I would not blog, eat, or even shower, before I got some fiction writing done today!

But I looked out the window and realized–my garden needs watering. So I obliged. I should have waited. For my mind is now filled with distraught thoughts about my French tarragon plant!

The gopher/mole ATE MY ENTIRE FRENCH TARRAGON PLANT. Sometime last night. He ate nothing else.

I know it’s him…because I saw a fresh new hole in the ground today, about a foot away from the tarragon massacre.

My only bright thought is that he is cooking up something beautiful and French and Provencal, ala the movie “Ratatouille,” somewhere, somehow. Because I never allowed myself to harvest even a sprig off that plant (I don’t know what I was waiting for–I guess I wanted it to get SUPER bushy before I would allow myself to trim it and eat it).

Grrr. But still, I will not kill it.

Back to writing.



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9 responses to “jotting down

  1. you need a snake.
    snakes will prevent critters from coming around. a nice garter snake… not a poison filled one.

    goodluck with your garden. we didn’t put one in this year after something ate all of my morning glories that geoffrey planted.

  2. oh dear me–snakes are VERY scary, even the totally “nice” ones! i’ve bought into the book of genesis and its archetypes. Thank you for the advice, however! If I were not scared of snakes, that’s one I would have taken (I would have hunted down a garter snake and let it loose).

    I think I will just observe the gopher and his impending destructive tendencies. I just can’t believe he ate my tarragon, though. But lesson learned–all precious herbs will go in planters. I thought I would have been safe, given that I have NEVER planted a vegetable garden ever, on our grounds.

    I hope that the pests go away from your garden this year and that you are able to garden next!

  3. connie

    Maybe he’s making bearnaise.

  4. I’m always trying to make deals about writing like that with myself. And then I’m always trying to negotiate with myself, finding things that must (I claim) be done immediately. There’s laundry, or dinner, or mail, or plants that need water.

    And then, if I’m lucky, I’m reminded of a quote my wife found for me, one by Sinclair Lewis: “The art of writing consists of placing the seat of one’s pants to the seat of one’s chair.”

    Of course, you’ll want to get some planters to protect your herbs…but once that’s done, I hope you find the time and space to get that writing done!

  5. Yep–I got some words down on the page yesterday–thank you for your encouragement! It is pretty easy to bargain and let things into that slot of time ( like my sad thoughts about the garden).

    And good luck to you and your writing!

  6. heather

    darn that molepher!! my community garden finally had to call in pest control to place bait boxes around the garden because the rats have taken over. (and the ratatouille jokes on the listserve are out of control…).

  7. ugh–RATS. The reason I do not grow tomatoes in my garden (last year I went outside and found my dachshunds had “tree’d” a rat in my tomato plant (the one thing I had planted last year). Ugh.

  8. Lamberakis

    He was hungry. It’s good of you to share with him. Being hungry is not fun. You’re my hero for feeding him.

  9. Lamberakis–thank you. Someone I know said I ought to kill the gopher/mole and of course I must have made a horrified yet puzzled face because she kept trying to explain HOW I might want to KILL the gopher/mole.

    But-but-but! I stuttered. I don’t want to kill it. I don’t NEED the vegetables in my garden–it’s not like I’m a farmer or someone entirely dependent on their garden’s yield.

    She stopped and looked at me. She continued to try to explain that the only way I would be RID of this creature would be to KILL it. That ultrasonic stake, she pointed out, would NOT do the trick.

    But-but-but! I stuttered. I REALLY don’t want to kill it. If my garden feeds the gopher/mole, then it’s doing some good in the world.

    But-but-but…I still would have liked to have eaten my tarragon. For some reason–the gopher/mole has not touched my carrots, what I thought would be most vulnerable, yet.

    Go figure.

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