bastards, more than a copyright violation

WTF. These people are stealing a bunch of my blog posts on their website (link removed)…in their ENTIRETY, without my permission.

I’ve already emailed them and asked them to remove my posts, as on their website they write:

“This site is part of the collection on the Internet, if your rights violations invited email. We will immediately delete”

But alas, there has been no response, and the copying continues…

What to do, what to do. It’s one thing to quote me, it’s one thing to ask my permission…it’s another thing to pretty much mirror my website elsewhere!

Update: After 2 emails over the course of 3 days, and this post…they have removed the copied posts from the website. I am glad it didn’t escalate further, and they’ve written an apology note in the comments below. Whew!!!!



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31 responses to “bastards, more than a copyright violation

  1. That is so not fucking cool.

    Who do I have to beat up to get this shit to stop?

    Sadly, it looks as though its registered in China, land of the fucking rip-off artist (or so they’re becoming known).

    Keep us informed, honey!

  2. connie

    dude! that blows. i think something similar happened to chez pim recently.

  3. I’ve been getting weird trackbacks from that site, too, in my spam folder. So frustrating.

  4. Lamberakis

    I think this happened pretty much verbatim to the Beatrice website a couple of years back. You might want to go there and poke around to see if they were able to resolve it.

  5. It’s just so annoying–I hear that this is happening to a lot of people–in fact, I just saw that it’s happening to…bleah.

    Lamberakis: what is the Beatrice website…?

  6. How bizarre and upsetting. I looked at it and they make no attempt to hide the fact that all their copy is from you. Why do it? I don’t understand.

  7. I hate this. !@$% IDIOTS.

  8. Ack again. I just followed your link and searched for my own for the first time:
    I emailed them as well and told them to stop. Why are they doing this? The site makes no sense to me.

  9. This is a google translation of the reply
    Hello, I have today received your mail. Because of the time difference. I Gmt +8 at the time you received the Email, and had returned. We have to delete the article. When we reproduced before. Indeed forget to link back. We have now connected to the original. The inconvenience caused me to express regret. In order to express my apology. I give you the website and make a Blogroll for you. If your convenience I can give a Blogroll

  10. it seems that the link you give returns no items found. so am i to presume they finally removed it? how did you find this?

    i’ve heard of stuff like this happening, but have never seen someone actually have it happen to them. and it scares me… my stuff is not that good but if someone were to lift it, use it… i would never know.

  11. booknn

    I do not know if you saw my reply or not. We have been deleted. Because of the time difference between the time zone GMT +8 of 18:00 did not see the mail. And on the back of the mail. The inconvenience caused to our regret. To express our regret. We give you the website added a Blogroll. If your convenience, we can also add to the Blogroll. Thank you

  12. booknn

    Your blog is quite distinctive. I wish you a pleasant mood.

  13. Hi Everyone–

    Thank you for your support (and in your case, Nova, for emailing them too)! After 2 emails on my part over 3 days and this website post, they deleted the copied posts.

    I’m pretty grateful that it didn’t have to be a long-drawn-out battle and that it ended quickly, thanks to your help.

    Now–the strange thing is, I never did get a reply from them via email (though their action of removing the copied posts suffices–and you can see their comments above).

  14. Yes, I emailed them and got this response:

    subject Re: Delete my posts now

    Has been deleted. The inconvenience caused to apologize

    That’s weird that they didn’t email you.

    I’m so glad the posts are gone!

  15. is your mail? We absolutely do a reply. But I do not know why you have not received our mail!

  16. booknn is your email? We absolutely do a reply. But I do not know why you have not received our email!

  17. booknn

    We have to do a Blogroll you connect. You can give us to do a Blogroll links?

  18. e

    my suggestion for people that are having their posts violated by this site is to contact wordpress support and ask them to blacklist this site from hitting blogs.

    if you’re hosting wordpress on your own server you can do so yourself.

    now if they (or anyone else for that matter) are still determined to copy posts, there are always way around this, but it should at least slow the process.

    here’s some info on them:

    whois lookup:

    $ whois
    Domain Name:
    ROID: 20070530s10001s61899990-cn
    Domain Status: ok
    Registrant Organization: 曾勇
    Registrant Name: 曾勇
    Administrative Email:
    Sponsoring Registrar: 北京新网互联科技有限公司
    Registration Date: 2007-05-30 14:00
    Expiration Date: 2008-05-30 14:00

    their Name Server’s info and contact email (

    Shanghai Aokai Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    ShangHai Shanghai 200082
    tel: 216 5430234
    fax: 216 5430234

  19. booknn: I emailed you back regarding your request to be put on my blogroll, but instead I think you replied with a threat that you would return my posts to your website because I would not put you on my blogroll. The blogs listed on my blogroll are those written by friends or blogs that I read regularly (literary blogs, for instance).

    So therefore, I decline to put your blog on my blogroll for now. I think that is a reasonable decision on my part.

    And e: thank you for the suggestion.

    In sum–I just don’t want to spend any more time on this. Booknn, thank you for removing my posts from my website–and I hope we can just part ways on friendly terms at this point.

  20. booknn

    I think this is a translation error. What I did not threaten.

  21. Richard

    I guess I don’t understand. If they were simply re-printing your posts on their own publicly accessible, free website that they obtained from your publicly accessible, free website, and they are not profiting off of it, what exactly was the issue?

    Did they try to pass off the posts as their own instead of giving the proper credits and attributions? If this was the case, wouldn’t the problem be better solved by them inserting the proper credits and maybe providing links to your actual site instead of taking everything down? I would think that by doing that, everything would be fine, plus you’d get the benefit of reaching more potential readers who normally visit that website instead of this one.

  22. lurker

    Richard, there is profit involved.

    More than a dozen of my blogging friends have been hit with this in the last several years. The reason these sites steal posts is to drive traffic, and if you look further down on their pages, you will see ads. They get paid by number of hits. A few of these guys even emailed the sites they were ripping off and told them. Then they get linked (like they were here), which funnels even more traffic to them. The more content you have up, regardless of where it comes from, the more people will look at your page, the more search hits will lead to your page. I suspect we’ll see more and more of this as pay-by-hit grows as an income source for people.

    It doesn’t surprise me that they attempted to convince jadepark into adding them to a blogroll–more traffic!

  23. Lamberakis

    Hi Jade, is a nifty website where there has been book discussion par excellence for a number of years. I recall the owner having this problem exactly a couple of years back. He was peeved about that, as you are.

  24. It’s flattering for you…but also kinda creepy. I’m glad things were cleared up!

  25. Stephanie: you spoke too soon.

    Oh boy. I guess they have decided to resume copying my posts on their website–this time, removing the byline of “writing under a pseudonym” on their blog.

    This, despite my asking to just leave on friendly terms (after they repeatedly asked me to put them on my blogroll–and what for? The blogroll is only for blogs I read!) And this, despite my asking them NOT to copy my posts!

  26. lurker

    Ugh, these guys suck. Can I suggest that you take away the link to their page on your blog? They are making money off of traffic directed there (which is why they wanted/demanded to be put on your blogroll, so your readers would add to their hits). It’s all about cash, not respect or friendship or any sense of ethics.

  27. lurker: done–thank you for the insight.

  28. wow. interesting. This has happened to me several times, often linked to pornish sites, and I (dumbly) figured it was all done by some automatic spammy thing and that there was nothing I could do about it. urgh.

  29. Yup, Susan. I just found out there is little I can do about it (that’s what wordpress support told me), since copyright laws are very weak in China (according to my lawyer brother, they just have a different idea of “ownership of intellectual property”–as they don’t think someone can “own” an idea). So the best we can do is ignore them.

    …and hope they get what they deserve, downstream.

  30. thebemusedcapybara

    ugh! i just realized they started copying some of my stuff too. what should i do about it? will they keep putting more stuff up?
    this is why i am weary of putting things online.

  31. Well, I ended up reporting them to googleAds, the reason they’re up and stealing our posts. The link to report him to Google:

    Identify yourself as the copyright owner.

    He steals many people’s posts…that’s as much as we can do, though. I’ve stopped paying attention to him.

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