sucky sucky: rejections


I got my, I don’t know, tenth rejection letter from another litmag for my short story…the same one that was a finalist in a writing contest (sorry, I’m not naming the contest to protect my identity). It is so f*cking discouraging to send sh*t out and then hit the wall each time. And here I am, plugging away at other stories in an act of blind faith and soulful desire.

The first short story I ever wrote got published by the first litmag I ever submitted to. It is a wonderful litmag, and I didn’t even know how good of a litmag it was when I submitted that short story, because well, it was the only litmag I’d ever heard of and read. I just figured, “Hey, I’ll submit THERE!”

What’s more, the editor responded within a week. And my story was published within 3 months. How’s THAT for freaky? (Now that I know better, I know it’s truly an exception case). And he wrote one of my recommendations for MFA programs (and I am convinced he got me accepted, if not on the waiting lists, of some top writing programs on the East Coast).

I knew the publication was a lucky break, and I knew I was going to face a long road of rejections for future stories. But it still totally sucks to get all the rejections. And I know I have many many more to go.


It’s times like these that I wonder what my life would be like if I just didn’t write stories anymore.

But of course, that life would be much much worse. So I’m stuck with the whole “sucks that I got rejected again” happiness.

Well. At least Autumn, my favorite season, is around the corner. Kind of. In a couple months. Yes. *sigh*



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12 responses to “sucky sucky: rejections

  1. That does suck. I’m sorry. Boo on rejections….

    But don’t stop writing. You are good.

  2. Andrew

    Rejection letters are like leg crunches.

    Unpleasant at the time, but part of a process that ends up having a positive result.

  3. I love that you had that lucky break, and I happen to believe that more lucky breaks will come, and soon.

    Now, about the sucky rejections. I should say something poetic, or snarky, or deeply honest about them. I’m in the midst of getting my own now, too, so I’m with you on the suckiness. I guess that’s why I can’t say much of anything at all except to repeat what you said above, so: *sigh*

  4. ouch…tough luck…but i’m sure perseverance is the key word…something good will definitely come by.

    BTW, I just love that sign on the railing…hehe…what is not slippery, after all, when it is wet? πŸ˜‰

  5. nequila

    μ–Έλ‹ˆ, ν™”μž‡λ”©! Seriously, you’re a brilliant writer, so you’re sure to get your due one of these days (very soon). Do not lose faith in your abilities, no matter what.

  6. Susan: you are always such a support–and thank YOU for writing my MFA recommendations!

    Andrew: thank you for the analogy–here’s to buff legs.

    nova: your empathy is welcome here–and I hope I provide the same for you at crucial moments.

    narziss: thanks for stopping by –i love the sign too. πŸ™‚

    nequila: thank you–and if I lose faith in myself, then knowing you have faith in me will hold me afloat until my faith returns.

  7. Honestly, literary rejection feels worse than romantic rejection, even.

  8. And I forgot to add: Congratulations on being a finalist in that contest!

  9. heather

    at least rejections show that you’re sending stuff out–it’s a testimony to your dedication. i know an award-winning poet who papers his walls with his rejections. he says he will rip them all down one day, but for now it’s what keeps him motivated.

    slightly twisted logic, but i think it’s awesome.

  10. slynne: you said it–and it is so true.

    nova: thank you–it was awhile back, a few months ago…see how long literary rejections take? πŸ˜›

    heather: oh that is so twisted. but alas, i consider doing the same. it is a reminder that i have achieved something, despite the rejections–i have put myself out there….though i am afraid of how wallpapered that wall may become.

  11. There for a while, I papered the wall in front of my toilet with rejection slips, just to say what I thought of them.

  12. Hey, send your rejections my way at
    You’d be surprised how good it feels to air the dirty little beasts in an anonymous post on a supportive blog. I’m with you on how much it sucks to get rejected over and over.

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