in Paris


I’m in Paris! It’s beautiful here, more beautiful than I remember.

We have kept up what I consider an insane pace–spending no more than 2 nights in any single place. London, one night. Beaune, two nights. Now Paris. But this is our last stop. And I have internet access again! So–hello.

It’s past 1am. We arrived mid-afternoon. Already, in town, we have taken a walk on the Champs Elysees to the Place de la Concorde and through random streets of the 8th arrondissement, and had a gorgeous dinner at a wonderful restaurant set in a Belle Epoque building. And–our hotel even gave us a free upgrade to a huge suite…everytime I look out the window (regardless of what room we’re in), I see a fairytale courtyard, every window with a flounce of red flowers in the windowboxes.

(the picture above is of the Arc de Triomphe from the Avenue de la Grand Arme side as we approach Paris–the Champs Elysees awaits!)

Update: Here’s the other side of the Arc de Triomphe…we took a walk on the Champs Elysees tonight, and the view of the Arc de Triomphe was the most pleasurable part of the walk (I am not a fan of the Champs Elysees during tourist season, even though I am a tourist myself):




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6 responses to “in Paris

  1. connie

    Oh-la! C’est magnifique!

  2. Oh wow! How wonderful that you are in Paris! Your photo of the Champs Elysees makes me miss it terribly. I hope you have a lovely time there.

    (Lovely blog you have here!)

  3. marlid

    thats a really good photo

  4. Isn’t is stunning? I miss Paris, and I thought the same thing last time I was there – that I’d forgotten how beautiful it is.

  5. This is me, feeling a bit jealous.

    Your post reminded me of Kincaid’s commentary on tourists. Having just moved from one mecca of tourism to another (larger) one, I find myself wishing at times that the tourists would simply go home.

    But then I travel, and find myself a tourist.

  6. Connie: I just love all the big monuments around the center of the city!

    zazazu: thank you. I am glad you got a glimpse of Paris again, even if it was here on a blog.

    marlid: thank you–I was sad that I couldn’t take the camera I wanted to Paris, but am happy that these photos came out ok.

    bustopher: I am an Anglophile who still admits that Paris is incredibly beautiful! We just walked around town marveling at how pretty it was.

    Troy: I too, wish the tourists would go home from the place I live…but of course, we are always tourists somewhere in the world!

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