I’m in the mountains for the weekend, spending warm afternoons lazing about on the couch, while the gusts of wind cool the prickly sweat off of my body. I really like it when the backs of my knees dry like that–because I really hate it when I’m sweaty in my joints. I actually hate being sweaty, but especially so when all I’m doing is sitting still.

Despite the temperature, it is a nice pace here–we always wonder why we don’t come up more often every time we visit. And then we go back to the bay area and forget all about this haven where things slow down in a greatly pleasurable way. Even our dogs love it here. Maybe it’s because we have a gigantic sectional couch here and they just prefer it (their lives revolve around the couch, as does mine).

It’s a great transition–Summer is about to turn into Fall, my last semester in the MFA program is about to begin, and the hellish past 8 months are behind us–ironically, this very place in the mountains is where it all began. But now we’re here again, and all is well.

“It’s like 2007 didn’t even really happen,” he said, conveying the disbelief we both feel. He said this as we were returning from a morning hike, the granite sand crunching beneath our heavy steps (the photo above is from our hike). Indeed, this year has been incredible. In some ways, I’d rather forget it, if not for the valuable lessons learned from all the challenges.

Did I really have a stroke? Did we really lose a loved, close family member to sudden death? And the numerous hospitals stays and the surgeries, and all the twists and turns that made us feel very unsteady on our feet. It’s unbelievable.

But still–I know what is valuable, there has been a lot of thought put into the recovery. I know I still have lessons to learn, but this year has been rich.

And now it’s going to be Fall. A new season lies ahead.

What to do going forward? We’re looking forward to a new year–the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah), the calendar New Year, Lunar New Year. It can’t come fast enough.

The resolutions and goals lie ahead of us–whether it’s losing weight (remember how I lost all that weight after the stroke? I gained it all back. Bleah.) or getting myself writing again, or just taking care of ourselves and regaining our footing.



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4 responses to “mountains

  1. Tea

    I’ve been dreading the changing seasons. I can already feel it in the air up here, and a few leaves have begun to turn. I’m not ready for summer to be over, not ready to go back to the Bay Area (I’ll be back in two weeks–this time we must have lunch!). But reading this makes me feel a bit more at peace with moving forward and a new season to come. Thanks.

  2. heather

    I love how everything feels so fresh again in the fall. I do say that with each season, I think, but I mean it for each season too.

    We passed the one year mark of John’s surgery a few days ago…I finally felt like things would be okay again, for real. And now I can write!

    Cheers to last terms!

  3. This post makes me feel very hopeful. I’m glad you had this calm before your final semester starts.

  4. Tea: I’m glad to have helped–though your comment helps me as much as my post may have helped you. πŸ™‚

    heather: I do love Fall so much–congratulations on your year milestone!

    nova: I’m wishing for that calm right now. πŸ™‚

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