Please visit me


Dear Muse:

Please visit me today. I’ve really been gaining weight and getting depressed and frustrated standing on the steps of your house, diligently trying to write but in reality just writing very uninspired stuff. I’m hitting delete almost as quickly as the words themselves. When will you come out to visit me? I’ve just been waiting for you to make an appearance.

Please visit me. I really need you. I need to know that it can happen, that I can put a few good words (nay, brilliant words) down on the page. That I can have a few brilliant ideas, that I can have some brilliant insight into the characters and story here. I am starting to lose belief in myself, and that is wreaking havoc on me and my wellbeing.

I’m begging. I’m in my PJs, unshowered, braces on my wrists (see? I really have been typing to the point of hurt), waiting and waiting.

I’ll be here all day.

Thank you.



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9 responses to “Please visit me

  1. How could she refuse?

    I hope she comes for you; maybe she’s there with you right now.

    (Why I just assumed your muse was a girl, I don’t know.)

  2. Maye The Muse needs a bribe, say a pedicure and foot massage combo?

    I dunno. Just putting it out there.

  3. Eve

    Stephen King says his muse is a guy who sits down in the basement and smokes smelly cigars!

    I think arirang has it right: we have to bribe them. And even then, sometimes they do what they want.


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  5. Well–I got a little bit done–I think she sent her emissary. Which is better than nothing.

    But it’s a difficult time for my writing. I ditched my novel after the stroke (not only was I not inspired to write my novel, it was just too much)…and so I find myself a bit lost.

    I do love my short stories, and they have been good to me, and hopefully, I to them. But the progress is slow.

    Thanks for all your good wishes.

  6. Hey Jade,

    I highly reccomend reading the book

    Hope this will help you find your muse, when you find out that she never abandoned you in the first place.

  7. Did you read the article about Junot Diaz in the latest Poets& Writers? He took 11 years to write his first novel, and threw away hundreds and hundreds of pages, so don’t get discouraged.

  8. Dude. I don’t want to take 11 years to write anything, and Junot will be the first to tell anyone that it is HELL. Though of course, I hear his book is AMAZING and I’d rather wait 11 years for THAT…it’s still hell.

    Some days I think I just suck and can’t write anymore and think about stopping writing. Then I can’t bear the thought of not writing, I’d just kill myself. It’s like I have no choice but to keep writing, but these days I’m so discouraged, it’s still so much HELL.

  9. I think you just have to stop putting pressure on yourself to write anything good, and just keep writing. Eventually something amazing will come out of it.

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