Another reason to move to Manhattan

My New Yorker arrived today–and I noticed it was curiously fat. Was this a special theme issue? Nope. So what then, was the cause of the issue’s extra breadth?

An insert–detailing The New Yorker Festival, a parade of literati and readings and book signings and discussions and oh my! A pang of wist ran through my body. Ahhhh, New York.



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6 responses to “Another reason to move to Manhattan

  1. Randa

    Or you could just go visit during the fest 🙂

  2. chaesq

    Uh-huh! Do it!

  3. As a matter of fact, Im moving to Manhattan in two weeks!!! and I am desperately looking for a safe and affordable place to live, and friendly roommates too, Help!!!

  4. Randa and ChaEsq: yep, it has dawned on me to go Manhattan! But–my schedule isn’t going to allow it for a few weeks. 😦

    Sally: lucky you!

  5. Leila

    Yabbut how could they schedule all those fabulous writers at the same time? How do you pick? Not that I’m going…. But yeah, I saw that and had a little pang.

    There’s always LitQuake. But LQ won’t have Edward P. Jones.

  6. Leila: which is why Manhattan/NYC is so fabulous! To have to choose–is such a delicious dilemma. They have sooo many writers, other than Edward P. Jones who won’t be at Litquake: like JEFFREY EUGENIDES! And Junot Diaz, Annie Proulx, Jhumpa Lahiri…! and Sigur Ros! (I know, Sigur Ros is not a writer–but Sigur Ros is one of my FAVORITE bands).

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