Oh, I am trying very hard to be inspired.

I looked at my novel, the novel I could not write and could barely read earlier this year because of the brain damage, and I thought, “I can do this again.”

My short stories satisfy me. I am not sure they are any good at all, but I like being able to write a beginning, middle, and an end within a few months. I have yet to reach the end of my novel three years later.

I imagine what that day will feel like–getting to the end of my novel, writing it all the way through!

I’m building up my muscles again, getting my writing chops back.



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9 responses to “Poetic

  1. I have that same feeling sometimes – short stories are nice because it’s easier to see an end to them. When writing a novel the end seems to remain a million miles away no matter how much you write.

    Good luck with all of it.

  2. I know it will happen.

  3. Hey you,

    Write on ya?! I am working on a novel too.. and i too thought would I ever be able to finish writing it. Hehe!

    Let’s finish writing our novels together.


  4. hyunjini

    Look at you, bounced right back into your writing self in no time. Your writing-experience trajectory leaves me hopeful that I too will soon get past this writer’s paralysis that’s giving me loads of anxiety.

    I can tell your writing is going well by reading your blog, I can sense the confidence in your language again.

  5. Writing is pretty much the hardest thing in the world. But we always find a way to do it if we mean to enough. Hopefully you’re find your way.

  6. I found your blog via the wordpress random feature πŸ™‚

    Speaking as someone who is also a brain damage survivor–don’t give up. Parts of my brain actually exited my head after being run over on a bicycle by a drunk driver, but I’m still here.

    It took a long time, but I am now finally able to write again. Feel free to email me at my blog if you want to chat.

  7. after my surgery, eating became very uncertain. every little twinge and ache was a possibility for another episode. i had thought about the notion of eating liquified food for the rest of my life to prevent further episodes, but the lure of kentucky fried chicken was too much to overcome…

  8. Eve

    I admire anyone who can write fiction. You fiction writers are wonderful.

    Without you, I’d have to read non-fiction all the time!


  9. Biyang: Yes, it is weird how this has all made me return to short stories…it may be a very good thing.

    Nova: thank you. I hope your writing is going well, too.

    Cmate: Oh, I know we can finish our novels–it’s just a matter of time and inspiration (“That’s all!”) πŸ™‚

    hyunjini: I hope your writer’s paralysis ends soon–that is just an awful feeling. I get it now and then and it makes me feel so incredibly helpless.

    david: thank you for your encouragement

    Bug Girl: WOW! I am so glad you are alive and here. That is a lot of trauma to go through, and you are an inspiration!

    no milk: Here’s to solid food. πŸ™‚

    Eve: Thank you–from fiction writers to nonfiction writers! Together, we make the world a balanced place.

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