2 worlds

glowing apple

This is sort of how my world is split: high tech software company (hey, I live in the SF/Bay Area) and MFA program.

Yes, there’s home, and individual friendships–but the two biggest chunks of social interaction come from work and school.

And here is how it plays out…let’s say we bring up the Apple logo (prominently on display above).

At work: People LOVE Apple! We mostly run on Apple desktop machines–it runs on UNIX, for heaven’s sake. Apple is the bright badass nerdboy in the crowd, the upstart. Boo, Microsoft.

At school: I was sitting in the grad lounge, waiting for an appointment with my prof, typing away on my (Apple) laptop when an MFA peer said, “That big glowing logo is so vulgar.” Huh? I looked up. “Yah, could they make that logo bigger? That is sooo…corporate and disgusting.” I stared at him, with a bemused grin. He continued and said with a scoff, “Marketing!”

My worlds collide in weird and amusing ways. One world’s upstart is another world’s Corporate Gorilla.



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8 responses to “2 worlds

  1. Snarky, but stimulating comment. And it prompted your post. Creativity grows out of contrast. More!

  2. And there’s nothing that MFA Peer owns, in his whole entire (current) life, that bears a logo as big (if not bigger) than the Apple, Inc. logo?

    I love hypocrisy.

  3. Eve

    I’m one of those people who switched from Apple to anything that would run Windows. Now that I’ve bought an iPhone and Lord knows how many iPods for my kids, I look wistfully at the laptops and desktops every time I go into the oh-so-cool Apple Store.

    They say that you can never go home, but I wonder…

  4. Eve

    P.S. The thing I hate about Windows is that I have to wipe my hard drive and reload everything about once a year due to viruses and spam, and this is in spite of several anti-virus and anti-spam programs used a counter-attacks and foils.

    Does this happen to you Mac users?

  5. islandfornow: little moments are so wonderful, aren’t they.

    fishlamp: exactly! my MFA program is filled with characters like these–criticizing “The Man” and “marketing” and “advertising” and “logos.” meanwhile having their love for certain brands and such. hypocrisy reigns!

    Eve: macs rule. I resisted switching over to an Apple laptop for a number of years until my husband finally convinced me. I have NEVER REGRETTED it. It is not the old Apple, either–they are WONDERFUL. (And in fact, the majority of my MFA peers do use apple laptops, too).

    No viruses! The new Macs run on a UNIX OS.

  6. mysticonnie

    Oh lord. Sometimes, I swear (especially in the Bay Area), people say snarky things just to say snarky things. It gets so annoying.

    I grew up using Apple computers, but when I got married switched to a PC, just because they were more practical at the time. Now we’ve gone back to the Mac and it is the bomb! Love it, love it, love it.

  7. chaesq

    !!!! I have NO IDEA what that person was talking about. The logo (AND its size AND the marketing behind it) are genius! Feel better …

  8. Andrew

    Another funny aspect: Apple laptops used to have the Apple logo turns 180 degrees, so it would be right-side up facing you when it was closed.

    But that *also* meant that it was upside-down to everyone else when it was open.

    *Marketing* was figuring out that it was better used as an advertisement for the people who *didn’t* have Apple laptops, rather than only when looked at by the people who already *did*.

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