contest season

It’s contest season time in the world of short stories: Glimmertrain’s Contest (due today), Story Quarterly’s Contest (due today), Boston Review’s Contest (due Oct. 1), and Zoetrope’s Contest (due Oct. 1) are just a few that pop into my head.

What is it about this time of year?

Meanwhile, I’m getting sick (no I’m not, no I’m not!), with all the accoutrement/s: a throat that feels like someone’s lined it with cotton balls, sinuses that feel like someone’s pounding on them with a tiny hammer, and a nose that is beginning to…drip like a faucet. Bleah. No, I’m not sick!

I have to write, I have so much due! I’ve already kicked the contests aside (not this year for me) to relieve myself of pressure and keep myself focused. It takes me SO much longer to write these days, I need the extra time and all my focus.

At least, it’s cloudy and cool outside. My favorite kind of writing weather.



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4 responses to “contest season

  1. i am also a bit distracted; maybe it’s the weather. maybe now that summer’s over, the time to hunker down is upon us. blogging seems like a distraction to learning more, doing more.

  2. ohyah–don’t EVEN get me started on all the television season premieres! that’s further distraction. 🙂

  3. Good idea to kick the contests aside. My favorite indoor weather has always been rain.

  4. Lamberakis

    I’m making it my goal to submit stories out of the wazoo next year. Not quite ready this year.

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