I…HATE…how writing this particular short story makes me feel!  I just can’t find traction on it.  I wrote a first draft, and now I’m rewriting the whole thing.

It’s a beautiful day outside, and I’m spending it revising a short story that just won’t come together.



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6 responses to “ARGGGH!

  1. I know how it feels.
    good luck with that

  2. hyunjini

    hey listen to your gut feelings. there’s perseverance and there is knowing when to let go.

  3. And of course, I would just say enjoy the day since it is beautiful outside. Autumn weather has a way of brightening up the inside.

  4. Oh, I know this feeling. And I know you’re under deadline, so it may not be something you can put aside for another day… I hope the story shapes up SOON.

  5. I _HATE_ this story now. But I’ve gone and asked for a few extra days…and so maybe I’ll read a few short stories and become inspired, somehow. I was doing SO well with writing to my deadline…until THIS short story!

  6. Like fruit, you know. Sometimes it just has to ripen. Might take a week longer than you’ve scheduled. Or a year. Or a decade, like one of mine did.

    Sometimes it’s more pointful to start something else, or go enjoy the day. 🙂

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