homeopathic weather!


Ahhh! The chill of Fall! Yesterday: the rain! Today: cue the blue skies and crisp temperatures!

It makes me happy to be in this sort of climate. I’d travel all over the world, just to sit in weather that is consistently 50-60F (or lower, really). And I do welcome the rain–perfect writing weather.

Just in time too–I know that my posts here have been horribly glum. I’m not encased in chronic depression by any means, but I have no outlet for my grief or other pain in my life, except through my writing (fiction and blog and journal). Writing is my main coping device (as well as a main love in my life), one that I missed horribly when I was sick and couldn’t write fiction. But now it’s back.

I’m busy–writing my MFA thesis. Every spare minute is devoted to it. Sometimes, staring at the page makes me sick, because I’m not sure what happens next…so I type. I type an uninspired sentence, an uninspired paragraph. But onward. And eventually, I hit something that sings like a nerve.



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3 responses to “homeopathic weather!

  1. I know what you mean, my blog tends to dwell too much on the dark side, as well. A few posts ago I deliberately picked a subject (the contributions my wife has made to my life and writing) that I knew would have to be cheery and celebratory. It leavened some of the negativity and made for good reading too.

    Just a thought…

  2. Eve

    Where else can a person walk on the dark side, if not in a blog? Obviously it doesn’t bother your readers, Jade, because we’re always returning for more of whatever you’re dishing up.

    I became terribly stuck on my last MA thesis, just stuck. I hated it, really. I too sat and stared at the screen and wondered what was going to come next–and it wasn’t fiction! I had an outline!

    That’s now a year behind me and I want to turn my manuscript into some articles and a book, but it was so traumatic to finish writing it that I don’t have the courage yet. So I can identify with your situation to that extent: I too was finishing writing a major project after a major trauma.

    But we’re brave. We can do it.

  3. I love this weather, too! Yesterday was a perfect day.

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