In the Autumn mountains


I’ve spent the past few days here in the mountains, where the air is chilly and sweet with pine. I’m here to write–I had my deadline extended, and I’ve one more story to revise. So under blue skies, brisk wind, and surrounded by pine trees and bright golden aspens, I’ve glued my eye to the laptop and set my mind in another time and place.

You’d think I couldn’t do it, surrounded by so much beauty–but there is something simple and focusing here in the mountains. Maybe it’s the absolutely thin air that has me gasping when I go up the stairs, or the lack of noise. The snow has not yet fallen, but you can feel the tension in the weather, the air, the people–things are battening down for winter, which will be here soon. The bears, I’m sure, are preparing for hibernation. Maybe it’s that quiet move towards inward that I find contagious.

Who knows. I’m here. Hopefully going to pound out the last third of this short story and be done. Orhan Pamuk is in Berkeley today, but it looks like I’m going to miss seeing his talk.

I’ll leave you with another picture of the landscape, from the highway:




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5 responses to “In the Autumn mountains

  1. Beautiful photos. I like your interpretation of why the mountains foster writing.

  2. heather

    oh, that sounds divine–quiet, solitary space. i’m hacking my way through my thesis right now and hating it and so ready to give up, even though it’s so close to being done (TWO WEEKS). argh.

  3. Look at those trees! Incredible!

    I hope the revising goes really, really well. You know what? I really think it will.

  4. Yes, beautiful pictures! And fall weather is the best for writing. Good luck on finishing that story! You’re almost done!

  5. thank you everyone! i turned in my revision. 🙂 Now i have a week break until I get feedback and start revising again!

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