Transitions and oxygen


My revisions have been turned in! I now have about a week break from deadlines (until I get the feedback and revise again). Yay! I’m sifting through my novella (as well as the novel), wondering which one I want to work on these next few days.

Today, too, I have my echocardiogram to check on the progress of my implant and PFO closure. Has it closed all the way yet? If so, I’ll be off the Plavix. If not–I’m not sure. But I have a feeling things are going well. I can run now, with greater stamina, without breathing so heavily. That hole must be closed, I’m getting WAY more oxygen! But then again, up in the mountains this past week, I was gasping for air in a way that I’d never gasped before. I didn’t quite understand that.

Tonight, my manuscript gets workshopped in class. I’ve not got high expectations from workshop tonight–one of my classmates who missed class last week, emailed me yesterday afternoon to say “Can I have your manuscript?” I had left a copy in her mailbox on campus, and emailed her to let her know, last week. No response. So I told her there was a copy there but that I could email her my manuscript after work. “Oh, no worries–if you can’t get it to me, I’ll just get to campus early and read it then.”

ARGH. “No way!” I emailed her (with a smiley). “I don’t want a rushed reading for class!!!” (with a frownie). “I spent a weekend reading YOURS!” I emailed her the manuscript yesterday evening. We’ll see.

It’s a day of transitions.



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5 responses to “Transitions and oxygen

  1. Randa

    Hope the echocardiogram and the workshop go awesome!!! xoxo

  2. Good for you for telling the reader how long you spent on hers. There should be some open discussion in workshops about this issue, really, in all fairness and honesty.

  3. heather

    that is the most perfect response, ever. simple, truthful, and honest. i hope the workshop (and tests) go well.

  4. Randa: thank you, you are the Best! I find out echocardiogram results next week, and workshop went okay.

    tiv: some instructors do set expectations in advance, and many of them collect copies of the feedback just tokeep people accountable…this one just didn’t. in fact, i think though she is a super nice person and a sharp writer, she just isn’t all that anal about leading a workshop…and there is some level of control needed when teaching.

    heather: thank you! i couldn’t help myself. it was either that or like, “HELLL NOOOO!”

    btw, that chick? she ended up at class still having NO feedback on my story. and she’s the one who likes to start off her verbal critiques with, “I hate…”

  5. Oh..and that chick NEVER gave me written feedback after all. Sheesh. I guess I won’t be writing much feedback to her, either.

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