days are getting shorter

The days are getting shorter–I always notice this sometime in October, before daylight savings time kicks in. Darkness arrives at 6:30p, and it’s still dark at 7am.  In a couple weeks, when we turn back the clock, daylight will end sooner and sooner, edging back into late afternoon.

And of course, this also means I’m a lot sleepier a lot sooner. It’s bedtime right now, says my brain!

How will this affect my writing?  I like writing in Fall and Winter–is it the darkness that drives me?  I’ll get my feedback on my thesis Friday, and then I’ll probably be writing like gangbusters for another week. For now, I’m thinking about my non-thesis novella.



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2 responses to “days are getting shorter

  1. LK

    I have the “fall thing,” too. Some years are better than others (this year seems to be pretty good, as far as it goes).

    I think as a writer (for me) that my body and psyche are trying to hibernate, reflect, muse over the various experiences I’ve had over the year in order to write about them. Unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down the pace — and I have yet to find a way to be able to get into the space my psyche demands.

    Keep writing, sounds like you are on the right track. Or make that the write track.

  2. LK: 🙂 Hibernation sounds sooo cool to me right now.

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