corn maze


Writing this new novella of mine is like walking through a corn maze. (You know, one of the mazes built into corn fields–there’s only one way in and out, and in between are plenty of paths that lead to dead ends).

Half of the time, I’m walking towards a dead end. Today, I wrote a scene that I wasn’t so sure of–how did it relate to the plot? Was it entirely necessary? But I didn’t know what else to write, and I thought that if I wrote the scene out, I’d be that much closer to the right scene. I felt stupid writing the scene down, but I went with it.

Of course at the end, I deleted all of it, and started over. Nope. It didn’t belong in the story. But at least I’d eliminated it from my mind, cleared out that possibility, cleared out that potential path.

Going through the maze again, picking out the paths. Learning every inch of the maze that is my story’s life.

Yes, btw, I started a novella. It’s a short story I’ve discussed here before, a short story that’s taken a life of its own and flown the short story coop over into novella territory.  I’ve been working on it, slowly, in between drafts of my thesis.



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4 responses to “corn maze

  1. I feel exactly the same way (about the corn maze) re my novel. In fact, I’ve decided to scrap 350 pages and start from the beginning again. Page 1. NanoWriMo. Thursday.

  2. That’s great that you’re working on a novella, despite the feelings of corn-maze-y-ness. I’m sure they will pass – just working through scenes, whether they stay or not, is good progress, even though it might not feel like it just then.

  3. Eve

    I’m excited for you, Jade. Anything that’s like a corn maze is a good thing, if you ask me. (Maybe not for you, as you are in it, but that will make it even better for your readers later!)

  4. Yikes! Well the great thing about a corn maze is that you can always back out of it, one footie at a time…that is if you want to 😉

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