bah humbug

Yes.  We hid yet again from the children on Halloween.

We live in a neighborhood isolated from foot traffic, and a neighborhood void of children–seriously, it’s just old people and us.  In years past, the doorbell rings once, maaaaybe two or three times during the whole evening.  It spooks the crap out of our wiener dogs.  And we usually forget to buy the candy (when you don’t have kids, and neither of you is a huge Halloween fan, and you shop basically at the farmer’s market and Whole Foods where there are no piles of snickers and reese’s pieces, it’s easy to forget the candy, believe me).

So we live in a non-Halloween zone, despite the hoardes of children and parents collected on the streets down the hill merely a mile away, an epicenter of trick or treating in this town (who KNEW so many children live here?)

We hide out in our basement, watching movies, turning off all the lights upstairs.

This year, we needn’t have put on such a production.  No one rang our doorbell.



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8 responses to “bah humbug

  1. no one rang our bell either! But, no one ever does. 😦

  2. I didn’t take my kid out, didn’t dress him in a freaking costume and no kids showed up at our door. My husband is no fan of it either and was annoyed that every other person at work was describing their kids outfit/their kids first Halloween blah blah blah. Then I have to run into the burnout high school kids smoking in the park w/their questionable costume choices. I hate burnout kids, I hate cigarette smoke, I hate this Stepford life!

  3. Andrew

    Hee hee. OK, I find it amusing that grown adults would hunker in their basement in fear of hordes of little children in costumes.

    In San Francisco, it seemed like people might have been taking their young children around early in the evening, before the sun went down. But I didn’t actually see anyone ringing doorbells, or going into shops for candy.

  4. Eve

    Haha! You made me laugh out loud again at the image of grownups hiding in the basement! I only hope you put on costumes!

    At least… the dogs got costumes, right?

  5. LK

    I always leave my porch lights off and my doors buttoned up. I heard kids running around, but no one rang my bell. Thank heavens.

  6. I guess I’m in the minority because I get a kick out of the carpet munchers in costume coming to our door…although I do like to mock the older ones with the lame half-assed costumes.

  7. cindy: soon, you’ll have little kiddies and you’ll be ringing other people’s doorbells! 🙂

    arirang: but your kid would look sooo cute in a costume. :p I think the one thing that might change my opinion/stance towards Halloween is having children. But then again, I might become even more allergic to the holiday.

    Andrew: I know–it’s totally comical! But it happens!

    Eve: Yep, the wiener dogs got hotdog costumes!

    LK: A woman after my own heart!

    ihategreenpeas: …carpet munchers?! what do they have to do with Halloween? (you mean the short little kids?)

  8. teacherleila

    I do have kids and we do take them around but I sympathize. I avoid your down-the-hill neighborhood assiduously on Halloween – too precious by half. My ratty half-working-class neighborhood does a more old-fashioned Halloween: no twee Pottery Barn expensive costumes and decorations, just parents and kids. However, the sugar thing is a problem. I am supposedly off sugar but the trick-or-treat bags proved irresistible – Reese’s cups, yum! I do not need to eat Reese’s cups these days, but I did.

    I solved Halloween by having a teaching job. Came home at 8:30 to find hubbie and kids on the front porch between the pumpkins, the older child cradling our candy bowl in his lap, hubby strumming his electric guitar (unplugged), littlest son quietly chewing purloined candy. Mama, say trick-or-treat! the children shouted as I pulled in the driveway. They were lit up by the hall light spilling out the open door. I got out the camera and tried to photograph this but I think my memory will be better. The children were disappointed that no more trick-or-treaters came by. We explained that it’s time for bed, get it?

    Too funny about hiding in the basement. Hope you had a good time!

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