sleep sleep sleep

Oh no. The afternoon sleepiness has returned. I thought it had permanently gone away after I’d healed from surgery–but it has reared its head again. Me! The woman who never naps! All I want to do is curl up in bed and sleep all afternoon.

I already curled up in the library, a Graham Greene novel in hand, and dozed on a bench. Now I can barely keep my eyes open and so I blog just to keep myself awake.

Update: btw, I get workshopped tonight.  Bleah.



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6 responses to “sleep sleep sleep

  1. I’m super sleepy too. I missed my workout and now I just want to nap. But naps are good for you. Embrace the nap!!

  2. Eve

    Jade, just hope that you don’t put yourself to sleep blogging! Haha!

    I’m ashamed to admit I have never read a Graham Greene novel. Never.

    That’s a misdemeanor, right?

  3. Susan: I hope you have a good nap in lieu of your workout! I ended up going to workout early because I just could NOT STAND being sleepy in the library! Of course, I was still sleepy throughout the workout, even though “our guy” still made me kick my own ass (if that’s possible).

    Now–I’m tired AND sleepy. Oh boy. I have workshop tonight, the first Tuesday after daylight savings, that means class goes until 10pm, not 9pm!

    Eve: harhar! I almost did put myself to sleep. I finally just got up and left, went out in to the open air! Do not flagellate yourself over the lack of Graham Greene reading–I’ve never read him before, either…this is the first novel of his I’ve ever read…!

  4. You’re probably awake and on the way to workshop right now as I type this. Hope it goes really well!

  5. arirang

    naps rock! chalk it up as a change in weather thing…

  6. I think it’s the time change and the weather. Both make me sleepy, but I’m resisting taking a nap today.

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