Mice and dreams

After an absence, I’m dreaming again. Lots of dreams. A dream about picking red hot peppers from the garden (the most vivid “color” dream I’ve had in a year). And a dream about running into an old friend, finding her pregnant, and adopting her baby. And yet my daily goings on are a bit surreal as well. I’m so busy, you’d think I’d have no time for surreal happenings…but it seems that strangeness has no awareness of someone’s schedule.

I’m having a weird mouse situation.

I’m spotting them everywhere. Yesterday, at a hotel conference, I spotted a brown mouse running so quickly across the brown carpet that I thought it was a weird visual disturbance. He was faster than a blur. I thought perhaps my eyes were playing tricks on me, if five women didn’t scream simultaneously about a split second afterwards. A mouse!

I thought nothing of it–except that perhaps the hotel (a very nice one in fact) might have a little problem.

And today–while visiting a friend, I caught a blur running across the floor. A mouse! A tiny creature, again.

Am I just carrying them around with me, somehow?



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8 responses to “Mice and dreams

  1. This summer I was haunted by racoons…every day, sometimes twice a day for three weeks….it was surreal…some people maintain there is a meaning if you see the same animal over and over again. I don’t know what though.

  2. Where I live, they start appearing indoors this time of year, for warmth.

  3. mice=fertility/proliferation of ideas?

  4. arirang: oooh! proliferation of ideas–one can only hope!

    tiv: ah–maybe so. temperatures are a bit chilly though nowhere near freezing.

    oreneta: i wonder what raccoons mean! they thrive around here as well.

  5. subjectiveobserver

    What raccoons meant for me was that my cats got very upset. 😉

  6. Are you sure it’s not some sort of LSD trip? 😉

  7. hyunjini

    a red pepper? adopting your pregnant friend’s baby? mice, which according to arirang means fertility? this all adds up to one thing in my mind: It’s a Boy! i know from your past post that that is impossible, but t’is a strange world we live in…

  8. subjectiveobserver: ah, yes, same here, except in my case, it’s dogs.

    kimchihead: i would say maybe, except that i’ve never taken LSD. though there is a reason i never take hallucinatory drugs–i feel i’m already a bit prone to hallucinations.

    hyunjini: i guess logically, that might be the answer! maybe i’m a bout to write a male character soon.

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