rollin’ rollin’ rollin’

It’s raining! I love it! Nothing cozier than an afternoon and night curled up on the couch, hearing the rain pound down. Something about all those ions in the air makes me very peaceful. I’m sore from my workouts this week, but I’ve hit my thesis deadline and I’m spending the next few weeks reading.

It would be a perfect Autumn evening–except for the fact that I gorged myself on Ethiopian food at my favorite Ethiopian restaurant (Cafe Colucci on Telegraph near Alcatraz in North Oakland)…and I am SO full. Ah, but I’ve turned that around, too. I’m sipping some nice chamomile tea now, doing some self-soothing.

I’m feeling satisfied now–taking a deep breath and gathering strength before diving back into my writing, embarking on my new novella, and possibly plunging back into my old novel. I’ve come a long way since the stroke and the recovery and hobbling back into fiction. (Sitting here thinking, “What a year!”)

Now I’m finding new challenges, different kinds of challenges, like voice–I’m relatively new to the third person point of view (after years and years of writing in first person)…and I’m exploring that perspective, fine tuning…and missing first person an awful lot.

p.s. titled “rollin’ rollin’ rollin'” because I feel so round and turgid after dinner–so round, I feel like the only way to get me to move is to roll me around.


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