Last night, I saw it–an oil slick on the water, in the bay.  It was so awful and sad–I was in a car, with the heater on, zipped up in a jacket.  The birds and other marine life–were not so safe and not so warm, thanks to the oil spill.



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2 responses to “slick

  1. Those turn my stomach, the corporate irresponsibility, the wasted life, the ruin of nature. Recently there was something in the news about Exxon still in court over the Valdez oil spill in Alaska in 1989, claiming it wasn’t their fault though their managers supposedly knowingly hired a RELAPSED ALCOHOLIC captain for that gigantic boat. My first son had just been born and I was so sad about the world he was inheriting at the time, nursing and watching those black gunked up birds getting washed off .

  2. tiv: it is so sad, so very very sad.

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