the last stretch

Ugh. I have terrible senioritis. I’ve turned my thesis in to my reader, I’ve submitted all my manuscripts to workshop for the semester, and my commitment boils down to the next few weeks in workshop–reading and critiquing the manuscripts of my peers.

I have less than a month to go until I finish my MFA, and the thought of the upcoming few weeks makes me grit my teeth. It truly has become the longest semester, for a variety of reasons.

I just have to close my eyes and do it, even though I am truly, utterly workshopped out.

On the other hand, I’m dreading life after the program, too.

Really–I wish I’d applied for a writing residency/retreat planned immediately after graduation…some place to decompress, sit and read, write, hide.



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6 responses to “the last stretch

  1. Jade, I am dying for a residency/colony too. I have had a mini case of senioritis, although I’ve just been taking a ten week class. It ends today and now I’m all bereft and floundering. But deadlines for summer residencies are SOON (Jan/Feb) and maybe we could both find ourselves at colony in the summer. Lord knows I really, really, really need one.

  2. heather

    CONGRATS! I’m right there with you. I am utterly spent. I can’t imagine having to sit through workshop right now.

  3. Susan: Bleah! I know, I wish I’d thought of this before–but then again, that stroke set me back. I’m going to aim to go somewhere next Fall or winter.

    heather: Have you turned in your thesis yet?! 🙂 We’ll have to give each other a virtual toast of champagne when this is done. Serious!

  4. Randa

    Yay! i’s so proud of you, yo.

    I met with p h davies and he said this about being sick of workshops: just remember that nothing you do ever again will be as detailed and deep as workshop in MFA programs; agents and editors and peers won’t give you the close reading, or the opportunity to read others closely, ever again. that could be comforting too. i almost wanted to say, “Promise???”

  5. Randa: that is GREAT advice from p h davies (ohhh I am STILL so jealous that he is your director!)…but very hard to swallow in the last semester of school. how GOOD is that close reading, for starters?

  6. Randa

    true dat! that close reading is, 11 out of 12 times, really close but misses the POINT. it’s like aiming a microscope at the table *behind* the butterfly, which is in mid-chrysalis. cheesy? i know, but it’s true. how helpful is it to dissect a 1st or 2nd draft to the nth degree, but not actually figure what the story is really saying? anyway, i wish you the best of luck in attempting to zone out in the last few weeks, chica.

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