Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I woke up to the smell of onions cooking (my husband had started his annual business of cooking Thanksgiving dinner early). I took a mid-afternoon nap (why am I so tired and spaced out? Am I coming down the flu?), and woke up to a cooked turkey and fixings.

I ought to go to sleep more often.

And the wild turkeys in our neighborhood? They’ve made it through Thanksgiving! My husband spotted them in the middle of the street a couple weeks ago, and I was worried for their wellbeing…and they were spotted again this morning. All full sized (at least twice the size of what you see above–the above picture is from July). Flying. Flapping. Walking along. Eating. Yay! Go turkeys!

It was a beautiful day.  Blue skies.  Crisp, cold temperatures.  Brilliant trees.  A light wind.  The kind of weather that I’d call “perfect.”

May your heart be full of good thoughts, feelings, and memories.



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4 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Jade. I think it’s a wonderful celebration of food, family and giving thanks. All countries should celebrate a day of thanks.

  2. It was such a beautiful day yesterday! I love this fall weather. And I feel incredibly tired all the time, too, although I know why.

  3. We do have much to be thankful for and I’d like to start a “Gratitude” Journal someday so I never forget or take anything for granted. Happy Thanksgiving to you Jade! I am thankful I stumbled across your blog and discovered the resiliency and creativity you have.

  4. charlotteotter: I do love the holiday–we had a small table this year (just me and the hubby) but it was a good dinner. 🙂

    bustopher: I hope you get all the rest you need! Though it does feel like such a waste to sleep through all the beautiful weather.

    LeRoy: Thank you for stopping by. 🙂

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