Found via Charlotte’s Web–Who’s your inner European?  (My hubby took the quiz, and his inner European is French!)

Your Inner European is Dutch!

Open minded and tolerant.
You’re up for just about anything.

Who’s Your Inner European?



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7 responses to “Dutch!

  1. Ha! My inner European is French: “Smart and sophisticated. You have the best of everything – at least, *you* think so.” Ha ha.

    (Gotta tell my husband; I’ve been telling him we need to move to Paris for at least one year of our lives. Wish it could be this year…)

  2. nova: French is very posh!

    Elizabeth: windmills! 😛

  3. Violeta

    I was relieved to find out that my inner European is Spanish: energetic and lively, you bring the party with you!

  4. Richard

    LOL! My inner European is Irish. Must have been all the beer and pub answers:

    Your Inner European is Irish!

    Sprited and boisterous!
    You drink everyone under the table.

  5. Violeta: Oooh, a Spaniard!

    Richard: That does not surprise me, somehow. I don’t know how I’m Dutch, though. I am really not that laidback!

  6. I seem to be Spanish, too, energetic and lovely. Not a drop of Spanish blood in me, though I am still an incredible mutt.

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