last class

I am going to my last MFA class ever, tonight.  I’m kind of sad about it.  Should I put on makeup and make it a party?  Or leave my face unpainted, and sadly say goodbye?



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6 responses to “last class

  1. heather

    Don’t be sad! Strut in and out like a peacock and remind that class that they were lucky to have your insightful, considerate comments and to have read your work!

    (I’m still mad at them from earlier this term.)

  2. congrats on completion! i say, if you feel like it, do it! it’s not like we’re talking about wearing a gown or something. it’s just makeup, so go on, get glamorous 🙂

  3. arirang

    look super hot that’s what I say. and take the sad clown face off the table. uh it’s YOUR party, not theirs.

    if necessary, buy super cute shoes. 🙂

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  5. all right everyone–I did wear makeup. I didn’t wear a party dress (though I think now, that that might have been a nice little twist!)…but I did wear nice shoes. It was a bittersweet ending.

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