I can’t believe it’s over!

I wore makeup, wore a pair of cute Lulu Guinness flats with my jeans to class and proceeded to silently play “Last Dance” in my head. It was my LAST MFA CLASS, ever!

We workshopped three pieces. Filled out class evaluations (“Please set expectations up front with students on written feedback, please,” I wrote. Some people just sucked at written feedback–to the last class, a couple of them only wrote two or three sentences as summary feedback to people). There was a feast on the table–everyone brought a little something to eat. The mood was jovial. Someone in our class suggested we go around and list our writing intentions and goals at the end. We did that.

I was soooo sad and it felt soooo bittersweet. But in reality, it was very anticlimactic, subtle. I just left class like always, walked alone to my car. Like slipping out of a room with no one noticing. I came home (it’s a night class) to my husband already asleep. Definitely like leaving a party unnoticed.

But I’ve left the party. And I’m going to make a new one. New writing goals, a new writing discipline. A new writing life!

And congratulations to my buddy friend heather! She’s just turned in her MFA thesis, and she’s leaving her party, too. Heather and I met years ago via our blogs when we were both applying to MFA programs. (My G*d that feels like a distant memory now). We’ve met in real life, kept up a correspondence, and now–now, we’re both graduating in sync. She’s been a wonderful pal. Yay, heather!



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8 responses to “I can’t believe it’s over!

  1. heather

    Aww, thanks! I was thinking about you last night wondering what you did! I’m glad you wore cute shoes. I bought a new pair of shoes, incidentally, when I finished writing my thesis about a month ago.

    Perhaps our quiet transitions into our next phases match our writing goals? Our roles in our respective programs? Neither of us intended for our degrees to “make” us writers, but to deepen the craft–an intent that is private and quiet, compared to more professional grad programs (like, say, law school).

    I love the idea of creating writing intentions and goals. I try to do that some in my undergrad composition classes, but I think it’s pertinent to the solitary nature of writing.

  2. Jade alllllways wears cute shoes!! In fact that was the first thing I noticed when we first met – what awesome shoes! (I literally own ONE PAIR of shoes, one pair of sandals, one pair of snow boots and one pair of running shoes)

    Yay for the new writing life!

    And yes, there is WAY MORE writing life post-MFA.

  3. arirang


    Oh yeah for…the last class too! YIPPEE!!

  4. hyunjini

    In the spirit of looking forward, I eagerly await to read about the new writing goals, discipline and life, post MFA degree.

  5. Richard

    Congratulations. I felt a similar sense of finality, nostalgia, and a bit of sadness when I finished my last final exam in law school and realized I’d never be taking a class in a formal school setting again.

  6. heather: I’m all for any reason to buy cute shoes. 🙂 But seriously–it’s a whole new chapter, isn’t it? I too, pursued my MFA to carve out time to write, figure out my identity and discipline as a writer within that sanctuary (and make new friends and meet mentors)…so now our toolbox is a little fuller.

    Susan: that shoe situation can easily be fixed. 😛

    arirang: can’t believe it’s OVER!

    hyunjini: you got it. 🙂 I’m trying to sort it out and get used to the new landscape…it will be fun, I think.

    Richard: Yup. It’s very weird. But I know I can always go back to school for some other reason if i want to. You can, too, if you really want.

  7. survivorscribe

    I’ve yet to feel the nostalgia for the end of my MFA. I still have half of it to complete. Congratulations for finishing, in style no less!

  8. LK

    Cute shoes (and purses) make MFA parties worthwhile. Congrats on finishing your MFA studies.

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