I have been sick, finally felled by one of the viruses spreading about (and felled, possibly, by all my stupid anxiety). I’ve spent the past couple of days bundled up, watching movies. I didn’t do any writing or reading at all…and for once, that is just fine by me.

Today we ventured out–for a short drive, and then decided to check out the zoo. (The process was as follows: “Hey look! The zoo!” (2 second pause) “Let’s go to the zoo!”).

We’ve never been to this zoo, and we both love zoos. We didn’t have much hope for seeing animals–the weather was still very dismal out: gray, cold (45F in the daytime), with clouds threatening rain.

Aha. But we saw tigers, and lions, and bears–all out and active! The tigers were romping! The lions paced and then sat right across the moat from us, staring intently. An asian bear romped in its vast forest, reminding me of my dog. The camels were trying to hump (yes, pun intended). The meerkats were out, but the warthogs were shy and congregated behind a large rock.  The otters rolled in the water right in front of us. The alligators were in the water in front of us. The fruit bats looked like my dog except with wings. Annnnd. I saw an elephant penis today. Boy. It came out of nowhere–a big elephant argument resulting in an “appearance.” I don’t understand. No pictures–I didn’t bring my camera.

Now I am ready to pass out again.



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3 responses to “hrm.

  1. hyunjini

    Get well soon, Jade Park.

  2. Yes, get well soon darling.

    My kids and hubbie were there that same day, too. Funny that they might have passed you. I also have driven by your street on the main artery 2x today and thought of you both times. Be well.

  3. hyunjini: It was a cold–hallelujah–was better Monday morning by miracle. Thanks for your good wishes.

    Leila: how funny!!! I didn’t see them at all–! We were there at the end of the afternoon–the animals were sooo active. I want to go back, with my camera.

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