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Well. I’ve been a sort of nomadic writer these days, testing out different writing locales and such. My desire to write is strong but somehow I’ve just become “twitchier” these days–my left eye (the same blurry one) hurts, the contact lens is uncomfortable and I can’t seem to take my mind off of it, or I can’t shake this exhaustion and sleepiness, or I’m feeling too full or too cold or too warm or it’s too noisy or the dogs are barking….I write at home, then I pack up and write at a cafe, or a library…or I just fall asleep.

On Friday afternoon I want to a cafe to write and it was an encouraging experience–I got some good ideas, got a little bit of work done, I felt comfortable…I was downright nostalgic, cafes being the place I did a good amount of homework and writing when I was an undergrad in this very town. (Man, when you live in the same town as your undergrad college, you experience nostalgia on a regular basis).

But now? I’m uncomfortable again. At the same cafe where I experienced such bliss a couple of days ago! My eye’s bothering me (damn contact lens!), and the drama around me at the various tables is more interesting than what I’m typing down in my novella.  The character in my novella has just discovered a dead body–but somehow, in my dementia, I find that “not as interesting” as the couple next to me who is having some sort of fight–they have not exchanged a word, but she keeps walking out and then walking back in, and they both seem VERY unhappy and uncomfortable.  The man has been sitting there awhile–when we walked in, he was finishing up a chatty, happy discussion with another woman, and it ended when this woman came in, as if it was some sort of graduate student office hours thing.  But now they’re just staring each other down.  Weirrrd.

I didn’t want to pay for the wireless service (I didn’t on my good writing day, Friday)…but hell, I did. I had to get my blathering down somewhere, clear my head of this clutter and environmental noise, and maybe get down to my novella and find my way to the characters and Japan, again.



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4 responses to “writing venues

  1. anonwupfan

    Never could do the cafe thing. Too many clattering laptops, wandering eyes, and sparkling stacks of notable books (with their spines facing out, of course) for my tastes. I try to write at home w/ walks around the neighborhood for inspiration. But then I couldn’t handle that undergrad nostalgia all of the time either, so there you go.

    Hope your eye gets better.

  2. Hi anonwupfan…the clatter sometimes helps, sometimes it impedes. I like the idea of your routine–writing at home, walking around a bit.

    My eye is on contact lens rest. 🙂

  3. My cafe-writing days ended after that SUV crashed into Starbucks. But I was often distracted there anyway, especially by all the kids who would come in during the day. It’s hard to find the ideal writing place. There’s always some distraction-housework, Internet, chatter, etc.

  4. I like writing in restaurants or pubs too. I call it “the Hemingway writing tour”. I don’t know about you but when I’m in a restaurant, I lose myself to the words in front of me and the white noise of the music and I’m able to turn off that part of my brain that’s usually screaming “run errands! make appts! clean the freakin’ house!”

    It’s like a respite from one part of my brain so I can use the other part.

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