Sooo excited. Ahead of me are the following trips…

New York City, for AWP next week!  (For pleasure)

Ann Arbor, Michigan in February (brrr!  yay!) to visit a friend!  (For pleasure of course)

London in March (for work)!

Vegas in March (for work)!

Half the trips are for business so I’ll be working my ass off and won’t have a ton of spare time during the day but who the hell cares.  It’s cool, for instance, to work in a conference center, looking straight out a window at the entire side of Westminster Abbey.

I’m also applying to a writing residency so we’ll see if I end up somewhere else this year, too.



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4 responses to “travels

  1. You’ll have to let me know when you’ll be in London! I’m going in February for sure but might be able to swing a weekend trip across the pond in March too! Wouldn’t it be too cool to have afternoon tea together???

  2. I’ll be there March 10-16

  3. eric

    Cool – will have to see if I can swing a quick little trip then! LOL

  4. Ann Arbor’s an hour from where I grew up. And good luck on the residency!

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